How to have fun in Novalja?

Story by: Tanja Brajsa     Date: 9 June 2021    Image by: Canva

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Well, it depends on the type of fun you prefer. There is no better destination to have fun in the summer than on Zrće beach if you are a party-goer. If you are on the chill side, Novalja has something for you as well.

Zrće Beach

Zrće beach, just a couple of kilometers from Novalja, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Pag and probably the whole of Croatia. It is a long pebble beach holding a Blue Flag since 2003.

The beach is most famous for its non-stop parties, starting in May and lasting until the end of August. All-hours discotheques and beach bars are featuring renowned musicians and open-air festivals all summer long. Apart from that, you can try out bungee jumping, jet-ski, party boats, and inflatable catapults.

On the easier side, there are recreational and leisure activities available: beach volleyball, water scooters, skylift, tubing, etc. Moreover, you can rent a boat, beach chairs, sunshades and enjoy the food.

Suppose you are not a 24-hour party person, I suggest you explore Novalja’a calmer side.

Mediterranean town of Novalja waterfront view

Center of Novalja

To begin with, in the center of Novalja, you can see the mosaic remains to date back to the 4th century. The town museum shows the rich history of the area, offering history lovers an authentic experience.

If you are a coffee person, you will enjoy having a cup in one of the many coffee shops throughout the town and adoring the magnificent views. This is especially nice in the evening when the sun sets because most coffee shops are looking towards the west.

For those among you who prefer fine dining, Novalja has something for you as well. Just a couple of kilometers from the town, there is a hotel and restaurant Boškinac, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2020. The restaurant offers typical island food transformed in a creative, modern way. You can taste a wide selection of fish and lamb dishes, cheeses, prosciutto, and other fresh, seasonal ingredients, combined with olive oil, herbs, and honey. An experience to remember!

Novalja, Croatia

Travel on a budget

If you travel on a budget, do not worry, there is an excellent food for you too. For example, you can have a tasty and inexpensive fish dish on the seafront itself. Moreover, many restaurants are offering great dishes, all complemented with fantastic Croatian wines. One thing you must try is the octopus salad.

Are you into Cycling?

Cyclo-tourists, there is something for you as well. More than 115 kilometers of cycling routes, not only in Novalja but throughout the whole island of Pag, present an unforgettable experience.

Camping in Novalja

Camping is also very popular in Novalja and its surroundings. Camp Straško has been one of the best camps in Croatia for many years now. Also, there are many small private camps around the town where you can enjoy pristine nature. If you prefer all-natural camping, you can even decline to use pipe water and electricity in some of them.

Novalja beach

The Beaches

And of course, the beaches. What would an island town be without its beaches?
There are many beaches in the town itself, both rocky and pebble. The whole seafront towards the north is a long beach, full of people in the summer. As the case is with coffee shops in the town, you can enjoy the sunset on those beaches as well since they are facing the west.

Just a couple kilometers outside the town, you can find a little place called Caska, with a fantastic long pebble beach facing Pag bay and amazing views of the magnificent Velebit mountain.

Island of Pag

The great thing about Novalja and the whole island of Pag is that, even in the middle of the summer, there is always some wind blowing, so it will not be unbearably hot.

Therefore, I invite you to visit Novalja and have a great time, whatever your preferences maybe, because it has something for everyone!

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