Get Lost in a real paradise, Lombok

Story by: Irina Mutylo     Date: 19 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Tandya Rachmat

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Lombok is one of many beautiful islands in Indonesia. Full of jungle white sand beaches and perfect waves for surf. I met so many people who came here for a short vacation, ended up staying here for years, including myself as well. I came here for a month and now it is my home. What is specific of the island that makes you fall in love with it, abounded old life, and enjoy the pure nature?

Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Lombok Beach View

 Gili Trawangan, Lombok

The beaches are for real!

When I just came to Lombok, which was around 5 years ago I just could not believe my eyes that all those beaches are for real. Still, I love coming in the morning to the beach for a coffee and ocean view. It is so calm here, especially now because of the corona situation all over the world. It gives a special feeling of connection between you and the ocean. This feeling of soft, warm sand, the view of beautiful blue water and wind playing with your hair. Riding on the scooter to different places of the island, where each beach is more beautiful than the previous one. Empty, amazingly gorgeous, and an endless view of the ocean around you. It is freedom and now you don’t want to leave that place.

Lombok greenery

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Not only the beaches, check the greenery

Not only beaches that are so magical on the island. There are a hundred shades of green colors right across the window. Mango trees, papaya trees, banana trees, and many other trees with green leaves, can’t get your eyes out of it. No need to go to any retreat or meditation, it is all just next to you. I have a small house, that I am renting from local people with a cute garden where I have some small palms, shade from a big mango tree on the parking. When it is mango season, I all the time have the best breakfast right from the garden with fresh mango and coffee. Reminds me of my childhood, summertime in a country house of my grandparents, it gives you comfort and a safe feeling.

Lombok Surfing

Surf in the Gilis Islands

Surfing, a part of my live now

And the most important thing that magnet people is waves. I didn’t realize it until I left the island for 2 months to visit my family. Surfing didn’t change my life, it is not something I can’t live without, but it is just part of the lifestyle, like brushing your teeth, you can survive without it, but it is much better with it. Waves give a real energy and euphoria feeling. Each wave is different, with its own character and direction, same as people. All moments that are happening while surfing I can compare to some life situations and that is why it is so attractive; you are just addicted to it. Surfing is just a real thing, you, board, and the wave. It is not static; you have to feel it so that you can control it.

Men adventuring in river, Lombok

I can continue telling examples of how does the island made people ended up leaving here after coming for 1 month only. The main idea is that you are so united with nature here, it is a true beauty. It makes you stop and think about life, about your life, what is really important to you and what do you really want or maybe you realize you don’t know what do you want. Maybe now is the time to start a new chapter, facing of understanding who you are, facing the truth. And that is not a fast process, so many people are changing their lives, staying here to find themselves or they just love being so close to nature, that nothing else matters.

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