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Did someone say paradise? Oh, paradise on Earth? We are sure you mean to say Fiji.
We bet you have seen the exotic island Fiji either on your Instagram or Google and you would have wanted to pack your bags and fly there. It is undoubtedly one of the most calming and beautiful places to visit. The clear emerald turquoise water, variety of islands and luxury hotels scream Fiji to us.

Denarau Island, Fiji

Where is Fiji and how to get there?

For those who do not know, Fiji is an island country and a part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. The best way to get to Fiji is to fly there. It is a three-hour flight from New Zealand and about four hours from Australia. There are many affordable as well as cheap flights for Fiji that you can book and get going.

Fiji Island

Attractions in Fiji

Fiji is packed with tourist attraction sites. It is guaranteed that this will be a once in a lifetime experience to witness the ethereal sites of Fiji that hold so much beauty. From surfing to relaxing on beaches to discovering old caves to Fiji tradition and culture, it will all be worth the visit!

  • THE CORAL COAST: One of the best and central places to stay at is the Coral Coast. This coast has pearly sand which is white in color. The resorts and hotels are quite amazing here. Not just these perks but the Coral Coast also offers visitors athletic experiences like Ecotrax which is a push carriage that rail-mounts you through the picturesque Fijian landscapes. The Fijian culture is immensely rich there and can be witnessed through and through there.
  • THE YASAWAS ISLANDS: Also known as the great granddaddy of Mamanucas, the Yasawas islands are great to visit while you are there. These islands are a chain of twenty islands which are fully packed with scenic views, volcanic peaks, stunning water views and amazing sunshine. There is a bunch of things that you can do here at the Yasawas like hiking along the island to basking on beaches to trying out seaplanes to boating and much more. This island will only be full of fun if nothing else.
  • MAMANUCA ISLANDS: As mentioned above, the Mamanuca islands are also breathtakingly surreal. They are located to the South of Yasawasa islands. Being one of the top tourist attractions in Fiji, these islands are loaded with sandy beaches, healing cool blue waters and experiences like snorkeling and swimming. You can find a variety of luxury resorts and villages to experience Fijian lifestyle.
  • BOUMA NATIONAL HERITAGE PARK: On the Taveuni island between scenic natural beauty of Fiji lies the Bouma National Heritage Park. You can witness tropical plants, a variety of birds and also experience the marine park with snorkeling being an option there. You will find waterfalls here and there in which you can take a swim and enjoy to the fullest.

Fiji Food

For the love of food

Considering the fact that Fiji is an island country, we can definitely say that it is best known for its authentic local seafood cuisine. From traditional delicacies to street food, Fiji’s mouthwatering food will have you wanting more. It cannot be missed at all because this food is DELICIOUS.

  • LOVO: Traditional barbeque, as it can be called, is a feast of fish, with vegetables and meats that are wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in an underground oven. These are usually made on occasions in the villages for celebrations. This is a must try item when you are in Fiji.
  • KOKODA: Another authentic dish to try out is the Kokoda which is basically raw fish but with Fijian twist. The fish is soaked in lemon or lime juice in which the fish cooks. Addition of vegetables is optional like onions, chilies tomatoes etc. with combination of coconut milk.
  • FIJIAN CURRY: With respect to high Indian population in Fiji, Fijians have taken a try at local Indian cuisine with their twist. Fijian curry is made with coconut milk and tomatoes with addition of banana and plantain. These are served hot with bread (roti) and dahl soup.
  • ROUROU: This dish is basically a dish made from leaves specially dalo or taro leaves. Coconut milk is a typical ingredient used in many authentic Fijian dishes. Likewise, the leaves are cooked in coconut milk for flavor and is served like a soup as a side dish.

Tokorki Island, Fiji

Shopping in Fiji

Shopping in Fiji is easy. There are quite many shops, supermarkets, local markets and other boutiques. Buying souvenirs and gifts from there is a must. Some best places include:

  • Port Denarau Marina
  • Nadi Town
  • Sigatoka Town
  • Suva

Some helpful tips

As Fiji is a tourist country, it is easy to manage while being there. But since some people can find it difficult, here are some useful tips.

  1. Although English is understandable in Fiji but to be a good tourist you should know two basic Fijian words that are ‘bula’ and ‘vinaka’. Bula means greetings and vinaka means thank you. Just learn these and your trip will be way smoother and friendly from their side.
  2. Do not get scared of people carrying machetes. It is very normal for them to carry it for most tasks like cutting grass or to open a coconut.
  3. Even though it is safe to be in Fiji but for your own safety you should avoid walking outdoors at night.
  4. If you are renting a car then make sure you know that national speed limit is 80km/hour.
  5. Buying locally will be more efficient there. The imported food in Fiji is very expensive and we don’t want you to be spending extra on just food that you can buy and enjoy locally.

With all the essential tips, places and food mentioned, you are all ready and set to go and enjoy in Fiji. Unwind, relax and have the time of your life there as it is stunning, surreal and exotic, all in one!!

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