Feel the Breeze of Tagaytay’s Cold Weather

Story by: Christine Araza     Date: 6 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Chan Lee

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Aside from Baguio, Tagaytay has been known for its cold weather. This place has been associated with road trips as there are so many beautiful landscapes along with the city. The view of the Taal volcano surrounds the area and is perfect for photo ops. This is definitely a great place to catch up with your friends, family, and loved ones!

Beware though, you might experience heavy traffic along the road as there are currently ongoing constructions, especially during weekends where there are usually a huge number of people visiting the place. But don’t worry! You can transform the time wasted on the road into a memorable one by looking outside the car window while enjoying the view, together with its cold and nice weather.


Taal Volcano

1. Taal Volcano

There are so many ways to see the beauty of this active volcano. First and the easiest way, you can go eat inside restaurants such as Balay Dako, Josephines, Bag of Beans, Breakfast at Antonio’s, and so many more. Second, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Tagaytay and plan to stay overnight, Escala Tagaytay best suits you! It has an infinity pool in the middle of their hotel as you go and see the view of the Taal volcano. There are a lot more ways and you can discover them by yourself or with your loved ones.

Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

2. Sky Ranch

Do you love the feeling of being a kid? Then Sky Ranch‘s the perfect place for you to go! It has different rides with a view of the Taal volcano. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from in case you get hungry.

3. Picnic Grove

Love picnics, riding horses, or even just the thought of eating lunch with your family? Picnic Grove has it all! They have various cottages that you can rent so you can eat food with your family. There is also an area where you can ride horses.

4. People’s Park

If you long wanted to reach the sky, People’s Park is the best one for you! You just have to pay an entrance fee and you are now free to use their facilities. Enjoy Tagaytay’s cold weather as you reach the top of the world.

5. Restaurants and Cafes

Are you hungry? Worry no more! There are so many restaurants around Tagaytay that will absolutely ruin your diet. Their best dish is Bulalo, a soup containing beef shanks and bone marrow, where you can find in almost every single restaurant in Tagaytay.

Here are the lists of restaurants which I really recommend:

A. Breakfast at Antonio’s

Who wouldn’t love breakfasts? If you are a morning person, this restaurant is the right one for you! Their pancakes and waffles are a must! Don’t forget to taste their homemade ice cream as well. Before you go home, there’s a bakery where you can purchase goods baked/made by them.

B. Balay Dako

Have you already experienced eating Filipino comfort food? Well, if not, then you should go to Balay Dako. They serve Bulalo, Kare-Kare, and many more. There’s also a famous delicacy called “piaya”, a flatbread filled with Muscovado, and it’s delicious as hell!

C. Bag of Beans

Are you tired and sleepy but you still need to drive yourself or your family home? Go straight to Bag of Beans for a wonderful sip of caffeine. They have a lot of branches which have different interiors. I recommend you explore each of them to discover more.

D. Mahogany Market

A budget-friendly place to eat. This has the environment of a cafeteria and is just beside the wet market. They serve great Bulalo for a low price and there’s even a free Banana after you eat.

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