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A tropical unspoilt haven awaits you in Montego Bay. You are sure to fall in love the minute your eyes behold the beautiful city. Postcard perfect pristine white sand beaches scalloped by blue hazed horizons will captivate your every emotion.

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s third populous city and is one of the major tourist areas that is always abuzz with activities for visitors and locals alike. There is no limit to the number of beaches, eateries, attractions and accommodations that are available in this energetic town.

Montego Bay Beach

The Hip Strip

Vacationing in Mobay? You have to make it to the “Hip Strip” Gloucester Avenue, also known as the “Hip Strip” is the liveliest corridor in Montego Bay. The choices on the Hip Strip are aplenty. Approximately 2.2km of roadway lined with about 12 hotels, 60 gift shops and 35 bars including world famous Margaritaville.

Your only mission on the hip strip should be to spend your day, eating, drinking, shopping and frolicking on the Doctor’s Cave Beach; for a minimal cost, you can capture a little bit of Mobay (as it is commonly called) . White sandy shores washed with the translucent invigorating waters of the Caribbean Sea make Doctor’s Cave the perfect place for the sun lust traveller.

Aquasol Theme Park located on Walter Fletcher beach on the “Hip Strip” offers exciting activities for the entire family. The blow up water slides and go-cart circuit paired with shallow warm water makes it the ultimate child friendly attraction.

Make the beach an all day event as the beaches are spacious with plenty of room to perfect your tan; all beaches have restaurants that serve Jamaican eats and treats.

The Hip Strip is the most famous place to watch the sunrise. There can be nothing more pleasant and Invigorating to the senses than the golden sunrise. A brisk, early morning walk along the hip-strip gets your heart rate pumping and allows you to enjoy the envy of many, observing the rising sun from the Hip Strip in Montego Bay. After your morning walk, you may choose to awaken your taste buds with a hearty serving of Jamaican ackee and saltfish for breakfast at the nearby Pelican restaurant.

Montego Bay Marine Park

If you have a particular interest in nature or you are an ocean lover, the Montego Bay Marine Park deserves a compulsory visit. The park is home to a plethora of marine life, magnificent coral reefs and thick mangroves. This park includes the waters of four beaches; Doctor’s Cave Beach, Aquasol Beach, Cornwall Beach and Dead End Beach, all accessible from the Hip Strip.

Night Life

Night life in Montego Bay is not for the timid and faint hearted. The city literally electrifies at night and demands charged souls to indulge in the excitement. Most hotels provide a free shuttle service to and from major night spots.
Margaritaville transforms into the ultimate party spot at nights. Ensure you find out the theme of the night before you go so you can blend right in.
Pier One is another fully charged hot spot at night. Located on a tiny pier in the city, Pier One is a great place to ‘hang out’ with your crew or make new friends. Also a relaxing joint to enjoy drinks from the mixologist’s repertoire of local and international brews.
Other popular nightspots are the Brewery, which has an authentic jerk pork pit, feel the rhythm-feel the ride at The Jamaican Bobsled Café or get in the groove at the Groovy Grouper.

Play Golf

Montego Bay boasts some of the best golf courses in Jamaica. Many of the lush green golf courses tell a story of Jamaica’s rich British colonial history. Whether it’s the greens at Cinnamon Hill, the historic White Witch golf course or the luxurious Half Moon golf course, Mobay is guaranteed to provide the best golfing experience second to none.

Local people in Montego Bay

A stroll around the heart of Montego Bay will bring you closer to the way of life of the local people, giving you a first hand knowledge of the hustle and bustle of life as the locals know it. It will also transport you back in time to our colonial past which has inadvertently shaped many aspects of our lives.
The Sam Sharpe Square in the heart of Montego Bay gives visitors a sneak peak of Jamaica in the 1800s. Named in honor of one of Jamaica’s national hero, the Rt. Excellent Samuel Sharpe, who was the main instigator in the 1831 Slave Rebellion.

Court House

The Court House, now the Montego Bay Civic Center, was built in 1803. Many enslaved Africans were tried there including Sam Sharpe who was tried there for his role in the 1831 rebellion. The Civic Center is now used as a multi-faceted facility which hosts a museum, an art gallery and home to many international conferences and trade shows. The center also hosts a gift shop offering eclectic Jamaican crafts, an outdoor seating area and a bistro which serves up authentic Jamaican delights.

Rose Hall Great House

A visit to the Rose Hall Great House puts the proverbial icing on the cake. Learn about the famed white witch of Rose Hall, Annie Palmer and how she manipulated her slaves and lovers to their death. Explore the verdant gardens on the 6,600 acre property by day or brave the tour by night to see underground tunnels and bloodstained halls, remnants of where all three of her husbands met their deaths.

Accommodations in Montego Bay

From all-inclusive hotels to private homes, Montego Bay offers a wide variety of accommodation types. A quick internet search or a check with your travel agent will match your requirements and have you booked in no time.

Montego Bay isn’t your ordinary vacation spot. It is a kaleidoscope of local folklore, food, energized nightlife and breathtaking beaches enhanced by the indomitable spirit of the Jamaican people, all magically woven into what can be termed the greatest vacation spot on earth.

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