Home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world, Yemen is a beautiful country in the Middle East. While the landscape is mostly covered by deserts and rugged mountains, Yemen has a gorgeous coastline where the beaches are a slice of heaven. The best thing about the country is that the locals are super friendly and welcoming.

Safety in Yemen is a major concern due to the ongoing civil war. Most countries need a visa to enter Yemen and it’s not easy to get one. The official language is Arabic and the currency is Yemeni rial.

The old city of Sana’a is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and it’s truly amazing. The city is filled with multi-story houses that look like gingerbread and the mystical atmosphere is one of a kind. The best time to view Old Sana’a is late afternoon. Wadi Dhahr makes it a great day trip from Sana’a, as Dar al-Hajar (Stone House) is a must-see landmark in Yemen.

Visiting Socotra is a must-do when you are traveling to Yemen. This untouched island is totally unique, as it looks like somewhere out of this planet with its sand dunes, beaches, canyons, and dragon blood trees. The only way to get to Socotra Island is by air.

Other places to visit in Yemen include Kawkaban, Shibam, Al Tawila, Al Mahwit, Sa’dah, Manakhah, Al Burra, Ibb, Aden, and Ta’izz. Each town is beautifully old, offering a dramatic scene combined with an impressive, cultural experience.

Apart from safety issues, Yemen is an amazing tourist destination with its picturesque landscapes, delicious food, rich culture, and friendly locals. Independent travel may be difficult for visiting Yemen these days but with taking necessary cautions, research, and finding the right tour agency, it is possible to travel to this country.

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Socotra, Yemen

11 August 2020 6 min.    Alice Bedward

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