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England is the largest country in the UK and it’s full of cultural icons from James Bond to the Beatles, Buckingham Palace to afternoon tea, football to fish and chips. Despite being an expensive tourist destination, England is one of the most popular countries in the world.

Most people travel to England for sightseeing in London. The city is quite beautiful and it’s filled with cultural events, international restaurants, pubs, museums, and famous tourist spots.

See the historic Big Ben, ride the London Eye, walk along the River Thames, and relax at Hyde Park. There are so many amazing things to do in London and no wonder it’s so attractive to tourists from all over the world.

You can also do many day trips from London. Some of the best ones include visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, the UNESCO world heritage site Stonehenge, and the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. It’s easy to reach these locations by train or bus.

Visiting other large cities in England offer more British culture and history. You should see a football game in Manchester, visit the museums in Liverpool, explore budget-friendly Bristol, and tour the castles in Nottingham.

Coastal towns of England have different attractions and they are perfect for a short trip. Brighton is a popular destination for locals and tourists. While summertime is great for hanging out on the beach and enjoying the festivals, the town is still charming in other seasons. Bournemouth is also worth a visit for its sandy beaches and vibrant entertainment scene.

An England itinerary is not complete without seeing the countryside. Make sure to check out Cornwall, Devon, North Yorkshire, and Cotswolds to witness the most beautiful shades of green and picturesque landscapes. You can explore the small towns, go hiking, and spend some time in nature.

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