Bordering Europe and Asia, Turkey is a super-diverse country in many ways. With lush forests in the Black Sea region, beaches along the Turquoise coast, numerous archaeological sites, and incredible Turkish cuisine, traveling in Turkey is full of things to do and places to see.

Lies on two continents, Istanbul is a huge multi-cultural city and an exciting place to wander. There are so many historical sites to visit such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Basilica Cistern.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is another main attraction, as it’s one of the oldest covered markets in the world. While visiting this market is a must, other famous markets like Spice Bazaar and Kadikoy Market shouldn’t be missed.

Take a boat ride along the Bosphorus, get lost exploring the streets, eat your way around, attend cultural events, and enjoy the nightlife. You will always find lots of things to do in Istanbul.

Cappadocia is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Turkey and it deserves all the attention. A dramatic landscape with unusual rock formations named “fairy chimneys” makes the entire region quite unique.

Cappadocia is a magical place and a hot air balloon ride is the best way to experience it. From here, you can take a night bus to Pamukkale and see the white-colored travertines which are natural terraces of thermal waters.

You should rent a car and explore the Turkish Riviera along the stunning coast in the southwest. Make sure to visit cities like Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and all the small towns surrounding these.

Visit the ancient Greek ruins of Ephesus, go paragliding over the Blue Lagoon, watch the baby turtles in Olympos, and swim at Kaputaş Beach. You’ll have the perfect combination of a relaxing beach holiday, culinary experience, historic discovery, and natural beauties.

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