Tunisia may be known for its sandy beaches and warm weather, but it offers much more than that. From sand dunes to ancient ruins, visiting Tunisia is full of surprises. Despite its small size, there are so many amazing things to do in Tunisia.

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is a beautiful city filled with history and culture. Ruins of Carthage, The National Bardo Museum, Medina of Tunis, Ville Nouvelle, La Goulette, and Olive Tree Mosque are some of the best things to do in Tunis.

Visit Sidi Bou Said, a cute picturesque village in Tunisia. It is full of white and blue buildings with stunning views of the Mediterranean. There is no doubt Sidi Bou Said is the prettiest town in the country. You can visit here as a day trip from Tunis. You can explore Sousse as well, which is another charming town to visit in Tunisia.

Djerba and Hammamet are two perfect options for sun and holiday lovers. You can simply lie down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the sea. Beaches in Tunisia don’t get any better than these places.

El Djem Amphitheater is considered to be the top tourist attraction in Tunisia. This ancient Roman amphitheater is well-preserved and one of the best ones in the world. If you travel to Tunisia someday, don’t miss visiting this incredible historic landmark, located in El Djem. Bulla Regia near Tabarka is another Roman ruin worth checking out.

Discover Grand Erg Oriental where the sand dunes are huge, the landscape is gorgeous, and the sunset is breathtaking. No doubt Grand Erg Oriental is the best place to experience the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. If you are looking for more desert adventures, then head to Tozeur to visit Chott el Djerid. The landscape here is quite interesting.

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