Famously known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is a busy hub in Southeast Asia for travelers around the world. With amazing food, great beaches, tropical jungles, Buddhist temples, and rich culture, Thailand is the perfect tourist destination for every budget.

There are so many amazing things to do and places to go in Thailand, from stunning temples in the north to paradise islands in the south.

The capital Bangkok is a fun city to explore. Visit the palaces and temples here, go shopping at the weekend market, enjoy the nightlife, tour the floating markets and take a day trip to the ancient city Ayutthaya.

And best of all, eat street food as much as you can. Street food is one of the best things about Thailand and it is heaven!

Start with Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, as there is so much culture, history, tradition, and art in this city. It’s the perfect place to wander through the temples, take a Thai cooking class, and go jungle trekking. In this region, you can enjoy more outdoor activities in Pai and visit the fascinating White Temple in Chiang Rai.

Phuket is the most famous holiday destination in Thailand and you’ll find many beaches and activities on this island. But fair warning – it won’t be an authentic Thai experience due to heavy tourist zones.

Thailand has many more beautiful tropical islands, such as Ko Samui, Ko Chang, Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lipe, Ko Tao, and Similan Islands. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, island hopping, and scuba diving on these islands. Most of the islands have a strong party scene, especially Ko Phangan.

Although everywhere you visit in Thailand may feel like a tourist attraction, you’ll still love traveling in this country, enjoy the landscape and the culture, and get addicted to Thai food.

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