From stunning landscapes to outdoor adventures, it is no surprise traveling to Sweden is everyone’s favorite. Despite being an expensive country to visit, travelers can enjoy Sweden on a budget.

A city that is so beautiful, relaxed, and picturesque, Stockholm is not like any other city. Try to stay at least for 3 days because there are so many amazing things to do in Stockholm.

Some of the best attractions in Stockholm are Gamla Stan, Skansen, Vasa Museum, Stockholm Archipelago, and Djurgarden Island. Don’t miss checking out the nightlife and incredible food scene in Stockholm.

While travelers visit only Stockholm in Sweden, Uppsala and Gothenburg make great trips too. These cities offer a laid-back atmosphere with various museums, outdoor activities, and a theme park to explore.

If you are visiting Sweden during the summer, make sure to add Gotland to your itinerary. This island is quite popular among local tourists as well. Visby, the biggest town on the island, is a beautiful medieval city that is worth checking out.

Hiking lovers will love King’s Trail in Sweden. Also known as the Kungsleden, hiking this trail will reward you with some of the most breathtaking views in Sweden. You can take an entire month to hike here or do short hikes on different parts.

No trip to Sweden is complete without visiting Lapland. Located in the far north, this magical place is home to Sámi people. You can experience any kind of Arctic activity here, such as watching the northern lights and going on a snowmobile safari.

Go to Jukkasjärvi to bring your Arctic adventure to a new level. You will be staying at an ice hotel which is completely made of ice, except for the blankets. Apart from staying here, you can visit this unique hotel by taking a tour and see it from the inside.

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