With beautiful beaches, modern cities, and coffee plantations, Panama makes it a diverse destination in Central America. Although Panama is known for its important shipping route, it is also a great tourist destination.

There is no doubt the Panama Canal is the most famous attraction in Panama. Connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic, you can easily visit this engineering wonder from Panama City.

Go to Miraflores Locks to see the Panama Canal as it is the best place to watch massive ships passing through. After seeing the canal, don’t leave yet and make sure to explore Casco Viejo in Panama City.

Stay at Bocas del Toro for a Caribbean kind of holiday, where the beaches are pretty, the water is clear, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Surfing is a popular activity in Bocas del Toro and it’s cheap. Some of the best beaches are Playa de las Estrellas, Red Frog Beach, Zapatilla Beach, and Bluff Beach.

Panama has so many amazing surfing spots waiting to be discovered. Santa Catalina and Pedasi are by far the best surf destinations in Panama. While Santa Catalina offers a laid-back atmosphere along with perfect surf breaks, you can also explore Coiba National Park and see the wildlife there.

Panama is an excellent destination for kitesurfers as well. Go to Punta Chame and practice your kiteboarding skills. The water here is shallow and perfectly warm.

You can explore the mountain village of Boquete to spend some time in nature. Discover one of the many hiking trails such as Quetzal Trail, spot the wildlife, visit coffee plantations around Volcan Baru, and go for a swim at Los Cangilones.

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path location in Panama, you should stay at the San Blas Islands. These picture-perfect islands are great for adventurers thanks to the rustic lifestyle.

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Panama City

13 July 2020 9 min.    Lee

Panama City, check the highlights

Usually Panama City is the perfect place for US citizens when travelling for a quick stopover, layover or even 2/3-day...

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