Famously known for its canals and tulips, the Netherlands is one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe. While most people travel to the Netherlands to see Amsterdam, the country offers more than just one city.

A visit to Amsterdam is on everyone’s itinerary for a good reason. Even though the city is packed with tourists, it is still beautiful and calm. Some of the best things to do in Amsterdam are exploring the Jordaan neighborhood, visiting the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, and relaxing at Vondelpark. Make sure to explore the canals here, hang out at coffee shops, and take in the historic architecture.

Once you are done visiting Amsterdam, you should continue to other parts of the country. Haarlem and The Hague offer a pleasant experience as they are both less busy than Amsterdam, have beautiful architecture, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Rotterdam and Utrecht may feel a bit commercialized compared to other Dutch cities but they have amazing food, drink, and art culture.

A trip to the Netherlands is not complete without seeing the cultural icons. Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world, is the best place to see the tulips in the Netherlands. Keep in mind that the garden is only open between March and May.

Windmills are another famous attraction in the Netherlands and Kinderdijk and Edam are two perfect towns to see them. Other charming towns in the Netherlands such as Delft, Giethoorn, and Maastricht should be on your list too.

Biking is an important part of Dutch culture. While you can rent and ride a bike anywhere in the country, Hoge Veluwe National Park is the perfect place for it. Don’t miss visiting the Kröller-Müller Museum in the park which has the world’s second-largest Van Gogh collection.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

9 April 2021 6 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Rich Cultural History in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is well known for many things; windmills, canals, tulips and history, rich cultural history. Amsterdam is one of four major cities in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is filled...

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