Indonesia is a huge country with over 17,000 islands in total. Consisting of 5 main islands, getting around in Indonesia can be a bit time-consuming but it’s absolutely worth it! You will be rewarded with the ultimate diversity of beautiful nature and wonderful memories.

Bali is the first place that comes to mind about Indonesia. A spiritual and magical island with so many things to do from surfing to yoga. Every traveler should visit Bali at least once in their lifetime!

Lombok remains as an untouched tropical heaven east of Bali. You can learn how to surf, relax at white sand beaches, trek a crater lake, or simply chill out here. Just off the coast, Gili Islands comes with great alternatives as well for relaxing, diving, snorkeling, and nightlife.

On the other hand, Java deserves a whole trip for itself. The island is packed with over-the-top adventures, stunning natural wonders, historic culture, and breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage temples.

While hiking Mount Bromo in Java offers one the most outstanding landscapes and jaw-dropping views in the world, hunting down the blue flames in Mouth Ijen takes a hiking experience to another level.

A very charming and easy-going city, Yogyakarta is the perfect place for local Javanese food, history, and art. The world’s largest Buddhist temple Borobudur and many other temples can be found near Yogya.

The wildlife scene in Indonesia does not disappoint too. You can spot the orangutans in Sumatra, see the Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park, and explore the tropical jungle habitat of Kalimantan.

If you’re looking for some more dramatic volcanic landscapes, you can visit Flores and experience the remote village lifestyle.

No matter where you visit in Indonesia, its natural beauty, rich culture, delicious food, exotic sunsets, and friendly people will leave you with nothing but admiration.

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A Day in the Life of a Jakartan

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The beauty of Lombok people

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Where you should stay in Jakarta

Jakarta, located strategically in South East Asia, just a few hours away from Singapore and Malaysia, the capital and financial district of Indonesia has earned a couple of nicknames...

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Why you should visit East Java

Indonesia has 17,508 islands making it the fourth-biggest population in the world. Java is situated between Sumatra and Bali, home...

Bali Holiday

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Five reasons to visit Bali before the summer ends

Although this year, the tourism domain has been affected by a pandemic, tourists haven’t lost their sense of adventure and...

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10 Best Islands in the world

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Pantai Merah, Pink Beach, Komodo Island

22 July 2020 4 min.    Katrina

Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) | What to do & how to get there | Komodo Island

In sunny Indonesia, there is a fairytale island of Komodo with a pink beach Pantai Merah. This place is a textbook case on how a romantic destination should look...

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