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Top 10 best cities to take a trip to this summer

Usually, when we are planning our trips we think about countries or particular places to attend to. But, sometimes a...


With luxurious malls, mega buildings, and vibrant nightlife, Dubai is famous for so many things. The fancy city of the United Arab Emirates is usually seen as a stopover destination where travelers spend only one night and continue their trip. But this mind-blowing, multicultural city deserves a longer stay because there are lots of amazing things to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is Dubai’s most popular tourist attraction. You can go up to the 125th floor and get panoramic views of the city, gulf, and desert. Catch the light and laser show in the evening with the fountain dancing to music.

See the malls in Dubai since it is a whole culture itself. The popular malls are Dubai Mall, the Ibn Battuta Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates. There are all kinds of entertainment options available such as the aquarium, indoor skiing, ice skating, and gaming zones. Fair warning though, these malls are not like anything else you saw before.

Take a scenic walk by the marina and spot the fancy boats. Head to Pier 7, which is full of restaurants and bars on the water. Explore the Global Village to experience Dubai on a budget. It’s a large entertainment project where dozens of cultures come together with shopping, dining, and live shows.

Wander around Old Dubai and its markets. Head to Deira, take a stroll in the streets and eat traditional food. Discover the Grand Mosque and Jumeirah Mosque. Don’t forget to take a picture at the Dubai Frame.

Do water sports such as kiteboarding at Kite Beach or go to Jumeirah Beach for relaxing. See the massive flower garden at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Last but not least, take a desert safari. The exciting adventure includes delicious food and sandboarding.

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