Denmark is a Scandinavian country filled with wonderful cities and a beautiful coastline. Travelers usually visit only Copenhagen for one or two days due to high prices, but Denmark offers more than that. Make sure not to miss out on gorgeous outdoors when you are traveling in Denmark.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a beautiful, scenic city where the food is amazing and the locals are very friendly. Riding a bike around the city, taking a boat ride on the harbor, visiting Tivoli Gardens, and hanging out at Nørrebro are some of the best things to do in Copenhagen.

The second-largest city, Aarhus is a university town with great budget food options. While the city is mostly known for its museums and galleries, visiting Legoland is the best activity to do here for travelers of any age.

Aarhus is also a great starting point to go on a hiking trip at Mols Bjerge National Park. Other popular hikes in Denmark include Gurre Lake Trail, Camønoen Trail, Øhavsstien Trail, The Furesø Loop, Buresø Loop, and Søndersø Rundt.

You should discover the area called North Zealand. It is the place to see the stunning coastline of Denmark, known as “the Danish Riviera”. You can have a relaxing day at one of the many beaches, such as Tisvildeleje, Hornbæk, Gudmindrup, and Dronningmølle Beach.

See other parts of Denmark and explore the charming small towns of Svendborg and Randers. Explore the impressive chalk cliffs of Møns Klint in Borre. Go all the way up to the north to see the huge sand dunes of Råbjerg Mile in Skagen.

Go to Roskilde, learn about the country’s history, see the gothic cathedral, and visit the Viking Ship Museum. If you happen to be in this town during the summer, attend the amazing Roskilde Music Festival.

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