Bosnia and Herzegovina

A budget-friendly Mediterranean destination in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most underrated counties in Europe. With medieval villages, Dinaric Alps, and beautiful old cities, Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of things to do and places to visit.

Rich in history and culture, the beautiful old city Mostar is the most popular place to visit in Bosnia. Jumping off the iconic bridge or watching people jump is a famous activity to do here.

Take a stroll around the historic town, explore the Old Bazaar, see the Ottoman houses, and visit the Blagaj Monastery. Don’t forget to go up to the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque and enjoy the panoramic views of Mostar.

Go to the capital Sarajevo. The city is the perfect example of where east meets west and you can easily walk anywhere. Explore the old town, visit the museums and markets, and see the Sarajevo Tunnel.

Take the cable car up to Mount Trebevic and see some of the best views of Sarajevo. There are also many hiking trails available in the area. Go for a swim at Pannonian Lake in Tuzla. See the Bosnian Pyramids near the town of Visiko.

A trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina is not complete without visiting its natural beauties. The stunning Kravice Waterfall is definitely worth a visit. You can even take a refreshing swim break during the summer.

Strbacki Buk is another amazing waterfall, can be found at Una National Park. Go to Pliva Lakes and enjoy one of the many activities such as kayaking, swimming, and biking. Head to the famous watermills located near Jajce.

Discover the county’s oldest national park Sutjeska for amazing mountain views. Explore Tara Canyon which is the deepest canyon in Europe. The area is absolutely breathtaking. You can go whitewater rafting or zip-lining here.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

24 June 2020 5 min.    Semir

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Country of natural beauty and friendly people

If you were to try to describe Bosnia and Herzegovina in one sentence, the shortest thing to say is that...

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