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Story by: Mary May Ivylin Raymundo     Date: 21 April 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Miraluna Becher

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If you’ve heard about a tropical country in Asia with over 7,640 islands, you probably know that it is the Philippines. Also known as ‘the Pearl of the Orient Seas‘, Philippines is blessed with rich history, culture, natural beauty, marine resources, diving spots, gastronomy delight, and more importantly, it is one of the friendliest countries in the world.

And now that the summer season has already started, there’s no other way to spend it than visiting and exploring one of the Philippines’ best summer destinations – CORON, PAWALAN. But before we go into details, let me give you a little background about this island.

Coron, a major part of the Calamianes or Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan province, is widely known for its breathtaking lagoons and lakes, stunning limestones cliffs, pristine clear waters, preserved WWII shipwreck, rich history & culture, friendly locals, and abundant fresh seafoods that will surely satisfy your craving.



Since the country offers major flight hubs to Manila, Clark, and Cebu, the easiest way to reach Coron is via plane. The travel time from Manila International Airport to Coron (Busuanga Airport or Francisco B. Reyes Airport) takes less than 2 hours. If you’re coming from Clark International Airport (CRK), it will take only an hour. From Cebu (CEB), it’s a swift 25 minutes you wouldn’t even know you’re already there.


If your first stop will be El, Nido or Puerto Princesa, you can reach Coron via ferry that will take about 2-4 hours.


  1. Kayangan Lake
  2. Twin Lagoons
  3. Calauit Safari
  4. Malcapuya Island
  5. Black Island
  6. Siete Pecados
  7. Barracuda Lake
  8. Coral Garden
  9. Beach 91
  10. CYC Beach
  11. Maquinit Hot Spring
  12. Mount Tapyas
  13. San Agustin Church
  14. Coron Baywalk
  15. Town Plaza


1. Kayangan Lake

Of all the places that I’ve been in the Philippines, I can definitely say that Kayangan Lake is one of the best. The view after a 10-minute trek is totally worth it because what’s waiting for you ahead will surely leave you in awe and make you fall in love with Coron. What’s even more exciting is that you’ll get to swim & dive beneath the crystal clear water and enjoy the breathtaking views of the limestones and cliffs even underwater.

Twin Lagoon

2. Twin Lagoon

If you’re looking for a fun activity, head to Twin Lagoon and get ready to plunge while enjoying the view of the limestones and cliffs around. When you’re there, the tour will start right after the boat docks at the first lagoon. From there, the locals & tourists have 2 options to reach the second lagoon: (1) You’ll have to swim into a small hole underneath a rock formation or (2) Climb up a ladder over the same rock.

Calauit Park

3. Calauit Park

Tired of the endless island hopping experience? Visit Coron’s 3800-hectare wildlife sanctuary park, make friends with the wilds such as Zebras, Giraffes, Crocodile, Wild Boar, Sea Eagle, and Python, and get a chance to feed them! Yes, you read it right. You are allowed to feed them unless you’re too scared to do so. And it’s okay, because looking from afar is more than enough experience.

Mount Tapyas

4. Mount Tapyas

If you’re into seeing the sweeping views of the entire town of Coron and other islands, then you might want to take a short trek and reach the top of Mount Tapyas (Mt. Tapyas), the second tallest mountain in the island. Similar to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California, the name of the island – CORON, is written in big letters. On top of that, you can also see a huge iron cross.

Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron island

5. Maquinit Hot Spring

What’s the best thing to do other than to wrap your tour with a soothing dip in one of the only few saltwater hot springs in the world, the Maquinit Hot Spring. The locals believed that the water gets heated by a volcano and springs up into the two-tiered circular pool. Though you might feel it’s unbearable during your first dip as the temperature reaches from 37 to 40 degrees °C, leave it for a couple minutes and let your body relax.

Ready to fly to Coron, Palawan, Philippines? Plan your trip now!

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