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Named as one of the most expensive cities in the world, Copenhagen is not on the top list of cities to visit in Europe. Although the city may be expensive, it is one of the most culturally and historically rich places you can visit. Read along as I share the top things to do and places to visit in Copenhagen without breaking the bank.

Chill in Strøget

1. Chill in Strøget

Described as the longest walking street in the world, you can spend a day in Stroget without spending much. Start your tour by buying a coffee in a café near Stork Fountain and watch as the locals go about their business. Get to see the unique Danish minimalist fashion that is both chic and functional. You can also grab that coffee and chill in the plazas or stroll along the 1-kilometer street and you will find yourself entertained by the many street performers.

When hungry, there are plenty of food choices in Strøget. A regular meal might cost you a whopping $50 but a good alternative is grabbing a Danish open sandwich in Dumhusets Smørrebrød s for $10.

Strøget has a nice music scene. At night, get a pint of beer in any music bars. You can try SAMS Karaoke Bar where you can enjoy and have fun with friends while occasionally sing your hearts away. For Jazz lovers, you can visit Mojo Blues Bar and the Jazz House and enjoy a night of music. If you like to chat with locals, this is also a nice place to meet one.

City Canal Copenhagen

2. Dive in to the City Canal Tour

For only around $15 you can enjoy a 1-hr canal tour around Copenhagen. The tour is a great way to know about the city as tour guides walk you through the many historical places around Copenhagen.
The tour usually starts at the NyHavn . Formerly the old fisherman dock in the 18th century. Now the place is buzzing with cafes with Instagram-worthy colorful façade.

During the tour, you will marvel at the Danish love for modern architecture. The most notable one is the Copenhagen Opera House also fondly called the Big Toaster. The opera house has hosted concerts for famous classical bands and artists around Europe and the world. Another one is the Black Diamond Library. If you’re lucky, the sun would hit the all-black building and that would be one of the highlights of your tour.

The tour also provides a view of the older world starting with royal residences- Amelienborg Palace and Christiansborg Palace. The most famous one of course is the iconic solid bronze statue of The Little Mermaid. The statue is inspired by the same book written by Danish children’s book author Hans Christian Anderson.

Botanical Garden, Gothersgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Another Worldly Place in Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Get transported to other parts of the world by visiting the University Copenhagen Botanical Garden. The good news is admission is for free.

The building is composed of an interconnected greenhouse for different types of plants from different parts of the world. The biggest greenhouse belongs to tropical plants. Come inside and you will be transported to the hot humid jungle of South America. The place has a spiraling stair in the middle so you can have a top view of the artificial canopy.

There is also a place for Mediterranean plants, a collection of cactuses, as well as an enclosed cold room dedicated to arctic plants. Outside they have installation for local plants found in the rocky mountainous part of Denmark. They also have an impressive well-maintained garden outside which is great to visit during spring or summer.

Kings Park, Copenhagen

4. Experience Royalty in Palace Gardens

People are often surprised to know that Denmark has many well-preserved castles. Right in the center, you have Rosenberg Castle and the surrounding King’s Garden. The Kings Garden is open to the public. Families with kids gather in Kings Garden to relax and have fun. In the summer, visitors are treated with flower blooms including the signature rose flowers.

Travel to the north of Copenhagen and visit the garden of Frederiksborg Castle. The palace with its surrounding lake and garden is nothing short of grandiose. The garden is landscaped in an amazing baroque style making the place romantic and cozy. Visit during summer and you can have a quiet picnic with an amazing view. The garden itself is for free however if you want to come inside the castle the $10 fee is worth every penny.

Explore Copenhagen

These are only some of the places you can visit for free and activities you can do without spending much. There are many more you can explore in a city full of culture and history. Just remember, some things may be expensive but the best things in life are for free.

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