Caves and Balloons… Cappadocia is a fairy tale place in Turkey

Story by: Demet Ciki     Date: 28 April 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Jeison Higuita

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Being in Cappadocia is like listening to a Frank Sinatra song for the first time. When you look at the photos of Cappadocia, you will feel yourself in a fairy tale. If you like to discover new places and make different travel plans for yourself, you will love Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is a place that keeps you alive with history and tradition together and relaxes you with its unique view. The balloons appearing in the sky at sunrise are just one of the reasons why you prefer Cappadocia. It is a very popular tourist destination. It has many unique and famous geological, historic and cultural features.

Also, Cappadocia is one of the ideal locations for a quiet holiday where people discover themselves. There is no rush here. There are lots of colors and dreams. If you want to plan a magical holiday, Cappadocia is the right address! It located in Central Anatolia of Turkey. You may consider to visit here in spring.

If you have decided to visit Cappadocia, we have listed the must-see places for you.
Get your tickets, book yourself at a cave hotel and enjoy your vacation!

Ihlara Valley


Ihlara Valley is the most special place of Cappadocia basin. Its view is worth the steep stairs you cross to reach it. It is definitely an area that must be seen before you die.

Historical buildings, underground cities and Melendiz Stream are other places you can visit. You will spend a pleasant day in this unique place with greenery and natural wonders. Just don’t forget to bring water near you.

Avanos, Turkey


Avanos is famous with its fairy chimneys. After seeing these miracles of nature, you can go to see the old settlements in Çavuşin region. You can also visit other valleys in the region. But what you really need to do in Avanos is to visit the pottery workshops. You can join one of the pottery workshops and have fun. It will be good memory for you and good gift for you friends! Also, do not forget to take photos with traditional clothes! You will spend funny times with these domestic and traditional clothes.

Ürgüp, Turkey


Dervent Valley is a location that should be seen in the region where “three beauties” are located. Ürgüp is a region that has been the subject of many legends. Ortahisar, where the rock houses in this region are located, is an area that should be visited with its historical buildings. If you love to myths and fairytales, strongly recommend the talk with locals in the area. They love to share Cappadocia stories with travelers and they are good story-tellers.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour, Turkey

Ürgüp, Turkey


It is very important to take a balloon tour in Nevşehir. The early morning balloon tour allows you to watch the region from a bird’s eye view and witness the awakening of the city. It is an activity that you will want to experience. Because getting on a balloon and watching basin with a bird’s eye view is not something you will encounter very often in your life. You can join these tours when you are booking your hotel or you can book in your trip.

Göreme, Turkey


You can visit Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı in Göreme, which is famous for its underground cities. You can visit the Göreme Open Air Museum and visit the places where people lived in ancient times. You can also participate in the musical evening activities held in the concept of Turkish night in Göreme. When you visit a new country, it is good to learn about culture and cuisine too. Don’t hesitate to experience Turkish culture deeply.

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