Budget Travel Hacks: How to See the World for Less

Story by: Eleanor Kelly     Date: 5 February 2023   

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Traveling around the world is a great adventure that can give you memories that will last a lifetime. With some planning and ingenuity, you can travel the world without going bankrupt. We give you our best tips for traveling on a budget, so you can plan your next trip without spending a lot of money.

We can help you with everything from planning ahead and finding cheap places to stay to taking advantage of free activities and using credit cards with travel rewards. So, pack your bags and get ready to travel cheaper.

1. Plan ahead and book in advance

Budget Travel Hack: Plan ahead

Planning ahead and making reservations early are two of the best ways to save money on travel. By doing this, you’ll have more time to compare prices and find the best deals on flights, hotels, and activities. Also, if you book early, many airlines, hotels, and vacation rentals will give you a discount. So, if you want to take advantage of these deals, you should start planning your trip several months ahead of time.

2. Choose places to stay that won’t break your budget

Budget Travel Hack: Lodging

Lodging is often one of the most expensive parts of traveling, but there are many options that won’t break the bank. Think about staying in hostels, rental homes, or even camping. You can save money on lodging and meet people from all over the world when you stay in a hostel. Vacation rentals like Airbnb and VRBO can also save you money and give you more space and privacy than hotels. If you’re going somewhere warm in the summer and want to travel, camping is a cheap way to see the outdoors.

3. Make your own food

Budget Travel Hack: Make your own food

Going out to eat can add up quickly, so cooking your own meals is another way to save money while traveling. There are kitchens in many vacation rentals and hostels, so you can buy food and cook for yourself. This is a great way to save money while also giving you the opportunity to try new recipes and local cuisine.

4. Take advantage of things that are free

Budget Travel Hack: Free things

There are free things to do in many cities around the world. Walk around the city, go to the park, or check out the museums and art galleries in the area. There are also free walking tours and bike rentals in a lot of cities. Use these free things to do to save money during your trip.

5. Take the bus or train

Budget Travel Hack: Bus or train

Taking the bus or train is a great way to save money on travel. It’s usually cheaper than renting a car or taking a taxi, and you can learn about the culture and see the city from a different angle. Find out what public transportation options are available in the city you’re going to and plan your trip around them.

6. Look for deals and discounts

Budget Travel Hack: Deals and discounts

Travelers on a budget can find a lot of discounts and deals. Look for discounts for students, people over 60, and groups. Also, a lot of cities have city passes or tourist cards that let you go to more than one attraction at a discount. You can save money on your trip if you do your research and use these discounts.

7. Be flexible with your plans

Travel on a budget: Travel flexible

You can save money on your trip if you are willing to change your plans. For instance, you might want to travel during the off-season, when prices tend to be lower. Also, think about traveling during the week, when prices are often lower than on the weekends.

8. Take a look at package deals

Are vacation packages worth it

When planning your trip, look into package deals. Many airlines and travel companies offer deals that include flights, hotels, and activities. These packages can save you money and make planning your trip easier.

9. Use credit cards with travel perks

Credit cards that give you points for travel can help you save money on your trip. Many credit cards come with rewards like cash back, miles, or points that can be used to pay for travel. Look into the different credit cards that offer travel rewards and choose one that has rewards that fit with your plans.

10. Be willing to try new things

One of the best parts of traveling is learning about other cultures and ways of life. Accept the unknown and be willing to try new things. Try street food, take a local bus, or start a conversation with a person who lives there. These can be some of the most unique and memorable parts of your trip, and they are often the least expensive.

By using these tips for cheap travel, you can see the world without going broke. Plan ahead, stay in places that won’t break the bank, cook your own meals, take advantage of free activities, use public transportation, look for discounts and deals, be flexible with your plans, think about package deals, use credit cards with travel rewards, and be open to new things.

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