Biting a Big Apple – What should you see and do in New York

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Ah, famous New York, New York. Glorified city of most famous fashionistas, spectacular businessmen, and diverse food experiences. Here you can bump into a celebrity, eat the best meal, and get a Gucci bag on a sample sale for half-off in one day. Yes, it is one of the greatest cities in the world and if you are lucky enough to get there, we recommend you to go, see and explore New York to the fullest.

Statue of Liberty, New York

1. Get to know with a Statue of Liberty

The most significant landmark of New York and one of the greatest statues in the world. Of course, we cannot imagine a good trip to New York without taking an excursion to the Statue of Liberty. The monument has a balcony on its top, where you can observe New York bay in all its glory. Also, we recommend you to visit a museum, dedicated to immigrants located on Ellis Island — there is an abundance of amazing artifacts and photos that brings history to us.

Guggenheim Museum, New York

2. Find inspiration in Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The unusual but astonishing world of modern art cannot be witnessed better anywhere than in the Guggenheim Museum. Guggenheim`s grand exhibitions open a world of abstract, surrealist, and other modern painters from all around the planet. The building of the museum itself is an extraordinary example of New York architecture, so even if you are not attracted to modern art, go and look at the building to feel some New York from it.

3. Get lost in Central Park Zoo

Are you a fan of the movie “Madagascar”? Yep, we too. But, there is so much more in this awesome zoo to offer. It has a great variety of tropical and exotic animals so if you travel with children this will be an amazing experience for them.

Central Park Zoo participates in several conservation programs that help to save animals from extinction, so, by visiting the Zoo you will be helping to support those little beings.

St Patricks Manhattan

4. Worship in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan

This gorgeous neo-gothic place of fate perfectly mirrors New York`s sprit — everything here should be the best, over the top and simply splendid. Even temples and churches here are exceptionally beautiful. There is a lot of art pieces and architectural features to see in this cathedral, that can easily make your whole trip worth it.

New York Pizza

5. Get a taste of New York Pizza

New York pizza is one of the notorious food wonders of the world. Crispy and thin pizza-crust and amazing fillings create a meal, that can be tasted only in countless New York pizzerias and restaurants. It is always better to learn from locals about the best places to eat pizza, but we can recommend Lombardi’s Pizza, Emily, and Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village.

Broadway, New York

6. Visit a Broadway show

It is almost unbelievable that you can go travel to New York without visiting at least one Broadway show. It would be fairly easy for you to find something fitting, but we can recommend some great shows, that cannot fail you — for a child in you there`s “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”; history lovers will appreciate “Hamilton”; classical “West Side Story” is the best for music lovers; and of course, do not forget about the Wizard of Oz prequel “Wicked”.

7. Eat a sandwich form “When Harry met Sally”

Infamous “pleasure” sandwich with pastrami from the movie “When Harry met Sally” made Katz’s Delicatessen a true pilgrimage site. It can be thrilling itself just seeing this place, but we can assure you — with every bite you will be in heaven of taste. Yes, you may find yourself stuck in the very long line for this sandwich, but oh, it is worth it.

Empire State Building

8. Experience stunning views at Empire State Building

Empire State Building is the second-highest skyscraper in New York and, besides its awesome architecture, has an amazing historical value. You can book an individual tour to find out all the secrets of this place.

Empire State Building is famous for its significant colorful lights, which is a beautiful highlight of New York. You will get a true feel of this amazing Big Apple by seeing its astonishing landscape on the top of the Empire State Building.

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