5 Best Places Like The Maldives Only Cheaper

Story by: Raelyn Watts     Date: 24 July 2022   

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Maldives are known for their vibrant culture, many sites, lush foliage and beautiful beaches among gap-year travelers. As the Maldives become more well-known, many would-be tourists become discouraged from going because they see it as an afterthought or a place to return to.

Having established a profitable name for itself on the islands, the island collective has become a source of both blessings and woes for the little republic. Aside from the fact that it has surely served as a dream vacation spot for many, there are many more who are put off by the overwhelming volume of tourists each year and the high price tag that such an exclusive destination requires.

Check our list below and enjoy many of the same benefits as the Maldives, but at a fraction of the cost and with less tourists!

1. Belize in Central America

Great Blue Hole Belize

There’s a lot more to Belize than meets the eye, despite the country’s pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and beautiful cayes. It’s possible to climb to the top of one of the adjacent Mayan pyramids if you’re a fan of Aztec history.

There’s a boat excursion that takes you to Shark Ray Alley, which is a major attraction in the region. At the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, located just off the coast of Caye Caulker, snorkelers may see nurse sharks and stingrays of all shapes and sizes. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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2. El Gouna in Egypt

El Gouna, Egypt

El Gouna, continues the theme of pristine blue seas. The contemporary Egyptian resort town is a hidden gem, with stunning beaches and coral reefs to be discovered. If you’re looking for a private resort where you can actually walk out your door and onto the ocean, this is the place for you.

Compared to similar structures in the Maldives, these Panorama Bungalows provide a lot of luxury for a lot less money. You’ll have more money to spend on the Red Sea’s world-famous scuba diving, where you can see an array of colorful marine life just below the surface in the crystal-clear water. Maybe even swim with some dolphins if you’re very lucky!

Because even all-inclusive vacations for a week are quite reasonably priced, you’d be negligent if you missed out on this unassumingly wonderful location.

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3. Cayo Largo del Sur in Cuba

Cayo Largo del Sur is a great alternative to the Maldives if you’re seeking for the same pristine water and serene beaches without the steep price tag. Located a hundred miles south of Havana, this beautiful Caribbean island is known for its white sand beaches, towering mangrove trees, and a fabled black coral reef that attracts scuba divers from all over the world.

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4. Langkawi in Malaysia

Langkawi in Malaysia

Nearly 100 islands make up the archipelago of Langkawi, which has been dubbed “The Jewel of Kedah” due to its location in the Andaman Sea. The pristine beaches and breathtaking views of this coral atoll capture the Maldives’ ideal image more than any other location.

There are fewer large resorts and more wild woods and distinct local culinary locations in this tropical hideaway than in its Indian Ocean cousin. While exploring the treetop jungle excursions, keep a look out for a variety of monkeys and rare birds that frequent the islands. The Langkawi sky bridge, a mechanical marvel that crosses the top of Gunung Mat Cincang, the island’s second largest mountain, offers the greatest view of the archipelago.

With its natural beauty and untamed appeal, Langkawi offers an alternative to the Maldives for those who are put off by the cost and the throng in the Indian Ocean island nation.

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5. Fethiye in Turkey

Fethiye in Turkey

The Turkish Riviera town of Fethiye is situated on a natural harbor. With its crescent-shaped white sand beach and turquoise sea, l├╝deniz is one of the best places to visit in Turkey, but it stands out because of its rich Turkish past, which can be seen in the town’s architecture.

Telmessos was the ancient name of the town, which was formerly a member of the Lycian city-state confederation. Ancient ruins abound, making for an interesting diversion from the beach if you’re interested in strolling through the area and learning about a nearly 5000-year-old history.

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