10 Best countries to go for a vacation in August 2023

Story by: Waylon Parson     Date: 21 October 2022   

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August is one of the few months when you can take a week or two off work and plan a trip around the long Independence Day weekend. There are a lot of great places to go on summer vacation around the world.

Others may want to learn about history or just spend a week driving through skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls in the best cities around the world.

Whether you want to soak up the sun on a perfect beach day, put on your running shoes and go for a walk on land, or relax in some of the world’s best hotels, there is a perfect August destination waiting for you.

Check out this rundown of the top international destinations in August.


Maldives Best Country

Interested in a high-class island getaway? If you want to find the perfect destination to relax, go no further than the Maldives. August is a true tropical month, with heavy downpours and hot, humid weather.

You might be wondering how this location ever got on the list. The rains in the Maldives are brief and occur at night, so you may still enjoy the sun throughout the day. Banana Reef is a world-famous diving destination with scenery that defies description.

Grouper, barracuda, moray eels, jackfish, snapper, and maybe a few others you haven’t heard of all call this area home. Do you consider yourself to be a seafood connoisseur? Get ready for the ultimate seafood experience at one of the world’s top restaurants.


Netherlands Best Country

Guests flock to the Netherlands in August to enjoy the country’s best weather. Many visitors to Amsterdam are under the impression that the Netherlands only has coffee shops, red light areas, and all-night parties.

While bicycling through Amsterdam’s quaint streets is a dream come true, you should also check out Rotterdam (one of the busiest ports in the world) to take in some stunning architecture and learn about the city’s world-famous harbor locks.

Take a canal trip in the gorgeous valleys of the country no matter which city you find yourself in.


Malaysia Best Country

Malaysia is a treasure trove of Asia’s finest. Everything from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur’s historic mosques and opulent shopping malls to the peace and quiet of the Perhentian Islands’ sandy shores.

Your trip experience in this country will be one of a kind. Admire the stunning mountain environment as you taste various teas while learning about the tea-making process on a tour of the spectacular tea estates.

As a bonus, Genting Highlands is home to five-star hotels, theme parks, museums, and casinos where you may spend some time unwinding.


England Best Country

With highs of 24 degrees Fahrenheit in August, England is a lovely destination for Indian tourists. When people think of popular tourist destinations, they often think of Europe, and London in particular is a big appeal due to its history, architecture, and pubs. As a corollary, it is also the most costly option. Don’t let your money go to waste by not monitoring it.

Seeing London is a must for any tourist to England, but the rest of the country is where the real fun is. One of the smaller cities with a lot to offer is Bath. There will be fewer tourists and more culture to absorb.

Liverpool, the city that gave the world the Beatles, is a must-visit for every music lover. Fans of the Harry Potter films can visit Oxford University and see some of the locations used in the films. Whatever your passions, you’ll find a home in England.


Italy Best Country

Temperatures in August in Italy range widely depending on where you go. Daytime highs average around 27 degrees and dip to 25 degrees by the end of the month across most of the country.

The main tourist attractions of Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, and possibly Naples are well known to the ambitious traveler contemplating a vacation to Italy. The Colosseum and the Vatican are two destinations that should be on everyone’s list. There are other destinations that can have the same effect.

Small towns and large cities alike in Italy have their fair share of magnificent beauty and historical sites. Enjoy an unrivaled vacation experience by taking it easy and wandering the streets of Italy.


Croatia Best Country

Did you realize that the majority of Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia? And that it’s one of the numerous reasons why the country is seeing record numbers of visitors?

The city walls and fortifications of Dubrovnik were transformed into King’s Landing for the popular HBO series. The Trsteno Arboretum, located on the outskirts of the city, stood in for the grounds of the Red Keep. In Season 8, you should look for these specific places.

Now is the time to visit Croatia if you haven’t already. When it comes to sunny vacation destinations in Europe, Croatia is no longer a secret. Zagreb, the capital, is near to the Plitvice National Park, one of Europe’s natural beauties, and home to a wide variety of exciting attractions.

Dubrovnik is situated along the Adriatic coast, close to the party capital of Split, and offers unmatched sea views.


Ireland Best Country

Compared to other European countries, heat waves are uncommon in Ireland. Beautiful scenery and historic castles make Ireland an irresistible travel destination. Furthermore, due to its compact size, the country may be thoroughly explored in a very short amount of time.

Dublin, Ireland, is known as a lively and historical capital city. And because Irish folks love a good drink as much as you do, the best bars will stay open till dawn.

Don’t miss the breathtaking beauty and unique animals at the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant Causeway, which resemble stairs but for giants.


Wales Best Country

In August, temperatures in Wales hover around 20 degrees, and there is a 30 percent probability of rain. You’ll be amazed by the unpronounceable names on the street signs and the fact that everything is greener in Wales if you’ve ever been to England before.

Wales may be small, but it certainly isn’t lacking in tourist attractions. Wales is the must-see location in Britain, with its over a thousand miles of coastline, majestic hills in the south, stunningly beautiful castles that dot its landscape (interesting fact: Wales is claimed to have more castles per square mile than anywhere in the world), and its many kind people.

United States

USA Best Country

No vacations in an entire year? Because of the impending arrival of cooler weather, August is your last chance to visit the United States. There are a gazillion unique experiences to be had in the United States, from seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge to listening to jazz in New Orleans.

Even seasoned travelers are often left in awe by sights like the Grand Canyon, and warm Maui in Hawaii is a top choice for summer getaways.


Portugal Best Country

Portugal is home to some of the world’s liveliest and most architecturally stunning metropolises. There are beautiful, untouched beaches along its mountainous shoreline.

In addition, this August, Portugal will have its usual spectacular climate, making it an ideal vacation destination. As a result, Portugal is woefully undervalued as a tourist destination. Consider the fact that fewer people means more space and a more enjoyable time for you. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, possesses a certain mystery that makes it irresistible to visit again and again.

Make your way to Porto, Portugal, next. As a result of its small valleys and river excursions, this city is one of the brightest and liveliest you’ll ever see. Enjoy the nightlife and sightseeing opportunities on Lagos’s diverse beaches until the sun rises.

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