Belgium, with its rich history and world-famous chocolates

Story by: Melissa Xenophontos     Date: 12 June 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Thomas Konings

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Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe from its rich history to its yummy world-famous chocolates; it makes an ideal location for your next trip. And here is why.

Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp is possibly one of the most famous cities in Europe and is Belgium’s second-largest city. It is deep in the history books and one walk around the city can showcase it. Its stunning, century-old buildings have stood next to the test of time and have witnessed some of the world’s biggest events.

All that history is projected into the cities vibes including its Central Station, Antwerpen Centraal. It is one of the world’s most beautiful train stations and shines from the inside out. The most noticeable feature is the architecture in the main hall and the big clock which can be seen from the ground floor.

For more fun, you could also visit the Antwerp Zoo, which was established in 1843 and is one of the oldest Zoos in the world.

Also if you are looking to buy a wedding ring, Antwerp is well known throughout the globe for its diamond district which owns up to 70% of all the rough diamonds in the world.

Eifel Nature Park, Belgium

Eifel Nature Park

Breath-taking beauty unfolds before your eyes when you visit the Eifel Nature Park. Untamed wilderness which is shaped by volcanic activity is filled with mist and beauty that makes you feel like you are in a fairy-tale. It is habited by red deer, black grouse, wildcats, and owls, making it a highly protected area.

Brussels, Belgium


The capital of Belgium is by far a tourist attraction by itself. The first place you should visit is Grand Place. It is right in the heart of the city and you can only get there on foot. The first thing you will see as you walk towards it is the breath-taking architecture, City Hall, built in the 15th century and around it are stunning 6 guild halls and right in the middle is a big square where people walk around and visit the small stores that are built around the square for tourists.

While in Brussels you must also visit Brussels Notre Dame Du Sablon, the magnificent gothic cathedral was built in the 14th century and has since been a hot spot for all tourists. Another stunning sight to see is the Palais Royal it is the official residency of the Belgium royal family. The palace is open for tourists during the summer and is a worthy attraction. The palace interior has high ceilings which resemble beetle wings and is covered in stunning mosaic.

Brugges, Belgium


Bruges is the most important city to visit on your trip to Belgium. Its romantic aesthetics along with its timeless medieval buildings will transport you to a fairy-tale land. It is one of the top places where couples choose to spend their honeymoon or just a romantic trip. The city has adorable market squares with all delicious goods that Belgium can offer, dream-like canals across the city, and some of the most highly recommended, award-winning restaurants in Europe. Don’t forget to also visit the City Hall, which was built in the 14th century and has an ornately carved ceiling.

Belgium is a gem in Europe, with its beautiful architecture, take photos and enjoy stunning views and adventures, it serves as the perfect place to go on a trip and have fun.

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