Beauty of the Philippines: Impressive, breathtaking and worth visiting

Story by: Mycca Janella Bustillo     Date: 18 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash

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The Philippines has so many tourist attractions that are full of abundance and also most of the attractions in the Philippines are impressive, breathtaking, splendid, and worth visiting. This country is also rich in natural resources and man-made landmarks. Exciting, right?

The Values of the Filipinos are really exceptional. Filipinos are well-known for providing warm hospitality for instance, when someone visited their house. By providing the visitors’ needs and accommodating them in a nice way and more. Filipinos are also family-oriented, specifically on occasions, families are complete to have their family bondings, this is also traditionally. Moreover, being respectful by saying ‘’po’’ and ‘’opo’’ as a sign of respect to the elderly, and grabbing the hands of an older person/relatives to place on the forehead as a sign of respect / also known as ‘’to bless’’ and having a heart and hand for other people in need. I can really say that Filipinos have a big heart.


Being resilient is also a good trait of the Filipinos. As a local, I am aware of how strong we are despite everything. Just putting a smile on our faces, being optimistic and praying, and keep on going for every challenge that may occur. Filipinos also practice ‘’Bayanihan’’ or being united as one. I can say this when the Taal volcano erupted last 2020, many of the Filipinos donated for fellow Filipinos, any amount will do, small and big help really matters because the heart of the Filipino is big, warm, and amazing. Let’s go to being hard working. Many Filipinos are working abroad and are OFWs to provide for their families, I can say that Filipinos are really motivated, dedicated, and persistent in their dreams, work, goals, and aspirations.

The Culture in the Philippines

The Culture in the Philippines composes of different aspects. Filipinos are also known for being religious and following important matters. Let’s talk about the Festivities, Filipinos celebrates different festivities in a different part of the country. Every city has its own festivals on a specific date. Filipinos love celebrating festivals, reuniting with friends, colleagues and cooking a ton of foods and meals. For instance, in Dasmarinas Cavite, the festival there is Butterfly Festival, which is on every November 26. The streets and roads are full of majestic butterfly costumes, full of arts, sounds, energy, parades, and creativities, (this was the way to celebrate before the pandemic).

Cauayan Island Resort, Philippines

Cagsawa Ruins, Legazpi, Philippines

The Attractions in the Philippines

The most exciting one, Let’s explore and get to know more about the attractions in the Philippines. The Philippines composes of pristine beaches, resorts, mountains, volcanos, farms, natural resources, hotels, restaurants, café, parks, man-made attractions, churches, and historical and iconic places. When you visit the Philippines, there are a lot of tour activities and knowledge you can experience and gain, it’s so memorable and thrilling! Isn’t?
Manila is the capital of the Philippines. There are a lot of historical and iconic spots in Manila, specifically on Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, The National Museum of the Philippines, Intramuros, San Agustin Church, Manila Cathedral all of these places have a significant role and well-known landmarks in the country.

Boracay, Malay, Philippines

Let’s get to know more about the sceneries in the Philippines. Beaches and Resorts are some of the most favorite places to unwind. Boracay is a well-known beach in the Philippines with its white sand, pristine place, eating buffet and drinking your favorite flavored shake, a ton of leisure and activities like watching the fire dancing, going on a banana boat, buying local products for souvenirs, supporting locals, island hopping, chasing sunrise to sunsets. This destination is really astonishing and worth visiting!
Let’s go to the resorts, there are so many places in the Philippines with beautiful resorts. For instance, if you are looking for private resorts, Laguna is the place for well-known private and hot spring resorts. Perfect for occasions with your family and friends. If you are looking for more beaches you can visit Cavite and Batangas, a ton of nice beaches are located there and definitely a must-visit too!

Mount Pulag, Kabayan, Benguet, Philippines

Are you the type of person who loves hiking, mountains, and camping? Then have a visit to Mt. Pulag, Mt. Kulis, Mt. Pamitinan, and many more! It all depends on your choice. Sounds good, right?

Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay, Philippines

Let’s go to the South! This destination is the favorite of many! Tagaytay is one of the top destinations in the South. This spot has so much to offer because of the cold breeze and serenity at its finest. There’s a lot of places you can visit there. If you want to have a picnic you can go to Picnic Grove, just unwind and appreciate more nature. If you want rides you can go to Sky Ranch that offers different kinds of amusement. A lot of good hotels also that you can have your stay there. I would recommend La Bella Tagaytay, Taal Vista Hotel, and Splendido Tagaytay Hotel. So many choices of restaurants, café, just depends on your preferences! If you want a religious activity you can visit Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria. If you want an overlooking of Taal Volcano you can also visit Twin Lakes Tagaytay. Visit Tagaytay if you want to experience serenity and tranquility, all worth it!

The Philippines is like a paradise found that is gifted by astounding attractions. Visit and add this country to your bucket list! Discover, Explore & Soothe your soul!

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