Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest National Park

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Banff national park is Canada’s oldest national park. The national park has mountainous terrain, glaciers, ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscape. The best time to visit the national park is between June and August or December and March. This article will guide you according to what you enjoy most. Those who love nature would love to visit the place when the weather is warm and welcoming. The skiers would love their tour during winters. The main commercial center in this place is the Banff town. They are many things to enjoy when you visit Banff national park. I will take you through some of the interesting things you will observe when you visit the place.

Cave in Banff

Cave and basin hot springs

Let’s talk about the cave and basin hot springs. It is the national historic site that offers a high definition movie, living history activities and a ranged led biodiversity experience in the surrounding marshlands and an evening lantern tour. There are also Banff upper hot springs some miles away from where you can dip in the cool waters. It is a modern spar with outdoor pools, changing rooms and a café. There is also Banff village which has developed into an advanced modern town. It has hotels, restaurants, art galleries, and outdoor adventure. There are also outdoor recreations surrounding the village.

Banff Springs Golf Club

The Banff Springs Golf club

It is located in the Rockies. In this place, you can have a fantastic view of the epic mountains and fairways along the Bow River. The bow river is located between Lake Louise and Canmore. The river offers plenty of for fly fishing, self-guiding kayaking, and guided float trips of the type offered by rocky mountain raft tours. Along the river, north bank is the Banff legacy trail.

After your tour in the bow river its worth stopping and have a glance at the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge. This is more historic than modern. In this place you can hike along the bow glacier falls trail. You can go up to the namesake cascade fed by meltwater from Wapta glacier.

Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise

A very famous lake in this place is Lake Louise. It is named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter. It a very gorgeous lake. The lake is so cold for swimming. The most suitable activity to do in this place during summer is paddling sports, lake fishing, and ice skating. During winter it is highly frozen to perform any activity. On the eastern side of Lake Louise is the Chateau Lake Louise. It is the best lodge in this park. Inside the lodge, you can have a blissful view of Lake Louise.

It is the best place to have a restful moment and meditate upon the whole thing after tiresome activities. If you have visited this place during summer go to Brewster stables. In this place, you will get the trail rides to the tearoom. You will also get a full day expedition ride up to paradise valley and winter horse-drawn sleigh rides around the shore. Another way to discover the Lake area is by a private guided hike. They are offered by the Great divide nature interpretation. Themed treks revolve around the glaciers. Grizzlies, birding, and autumn leaves. When you are in Lake Louise you can also fetch information, brochures, maps, and books in the park. This is suitable for those who love history and geography.

Banff Hiking Adventures

Hiking Adventures

For awesome hiking adventures in this place, there is plain of the six glaciers trail. It is the most popular plain for hiking in this area. It has a loop along the lakeshore and up a glacial valley. In this place, you get an opportunity to sip at the log cabin of Lake Agnes tea house. It is located on the mountainside. On the eastern side of the valley is the Lake Louise ski resort. It is set aside from the other winter sports resort. In these are the most common activities are torchlight dinner and ski in the evenings. There are also spring music festivals, guided snowshoe tours, and backcountry ski tours.

You can also tower high above the village. Mount Norquay provides the best view for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. This is mostly done during winter. If you visit the place during summer you can do activities like hiking, biking, a Via Ferrata rock climbing and a chairlift flightseeing.

If you love water adventures visit Lake Minnewanka. It is a long fjord-like water body. It has plenty of activities you can participate in. These activities include swimming, kayaking, fishing, motor boating, and scuba diving. One hour scenic boat tours cruise the lakes devil’s gap.

Beautiful Historic Banff

Museum National Historic

Banff park museum national historic site is a double rustic architectural wonder and storehouse of Victorian-era zoological, botanical, and geological specimens. There is also a Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies which contains regional art and architecture. The architectures include Paintings, sculptures, photography, and heritage homes which are on the display in gardens.

The park reaches the highest point at Peyto Lake with its jaw-dropping views back to the valley. There is also another waterfall that tumbles through the slot canon at Mistava. Some few kilometers further in the parkway are the Columbia ice field and the start of Jasper national park.

Banff Wildlife

Amazing wildlife viewing and sightseeing

Banff national park also offers amazing wildlife viewing and sightseeing. There are also plentiful shopping and dining options throughout the year. The place offers activities suitable for both summer and winter seasons. The awesome time of viewing seasonal color is fall when the larch trees which are the only coniferous tree to lose their needles in winter and turn yellow.

After the tour, there is a place to settle in before you decide to leave. They are plenty of restaurants and lodges. You can also visit the place using any means of transport either car or bus which are the most common.

Reading about the Banff national park can’t be enough. Making your tour to this place will make it memorable and unforgettable. It’s a place of all blends of entertainment. The best decision you can make right now is visiting the park during your next vacation.

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