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Madagascar is famous for many things but the most known place in Morondava is the ‘Avenue of the Baobabs’. They are located in the West Madagascar, and 40 minutes ahead Northeast of Morondava. There are many Baobab trees across the country, but the most famous attraction is the Avenue of the Baobabs.


The easiest way to get there is to catch a flight from Antanananarivo. You can also rent a cab from there, but it will take you approximately 12 hours to reach there, hence try the easy way and get yourself a 45-minute-long flight. When you get there, you can get a taxi and visit the avenue of Baobabs easily.

Beautiful alley of baobabs during sunrise in Morondava, Madagascar.


Out of eight species of the Baobab trees, Madagascar has seven of those species. All of these are located in different areas of Madagascar. Six of these species re endemic to Madagascar which means they are native and belong to the area.


The oh-so-difficult to pronounce, the Adansonia Grandidieiri, is the most popular Baobab tree in Madagascar. It cannot be found in any other part of planet. They are special as they can grow up to 30 meters high with a diameter of 3 meters.


The sunsets at the Avenue of the Baobabs will leave you speechless and we mean it. You will keep staring at it and still be awestruck by the look of it. One of the most amazing sunsets can be witnessed at this site. The trees create a scene merging with the sunset and adds beauty to the whole picturesque area. Since the sunsets are everyone’s favorite, this time gets busier than any time of the day. Make sure you plan in a way that you avoid the rush and depart back in time as well. Near sunset all the tourists start gathering at the ‘Viewpoint’ from where the aligned trees and sunset can be witnessed. If you are a photographer or someone who wants to avoid the crowd, you can move here and there and get your own views.


Post-sunset you can go back and come back for this gorgeous sight or you can stay there for as long as you want to witness the beautiful starry sky. The darker it is the more twinkly and shiny stars you will see. This stargazing experience is like no other. Moreover, it further looks amazing in the calm avenue with huge Baobab trees and skies behind it.

Sunset Morondava, Madagascar


Not just sunset and stargazing sights are enough at this avenue, but the sunrise too is a breathtaking scene. The tourists were quite many at dawn as well but in comparison to sunset they were less. The sunrise is a worth watching sight. The different colors of the sky will have you in awe. You will not regret waking up early for a surreal view like that of the Avenue of the Baobabs.


Considering all the views discussed before, sunset time is the best time to experience the beauty of the Avenue of the Baobabs. Although at all times the avenue is serene and picturesque but the beauty of it at sunset is beyond words to explain. It is certainly the busiest time of the day, but it is actually due to the fact that it looks the most beautiful at sunset.

Baobob Tree in Madagascar


If you decide to go a little further from the avenue, almost 7 kilometers, you will witness the Baobabs in love. They are twisted in a way that it looks like the trees are hugging each other in love. They have grown in that position that shows they grew up like lovers together.


  1. There is no entry fee or visiting fee for the Avenue of the Baobabs. The deforestation has spoiled most things and is still threat to the trees left. The area is considered as natural monument under conservation.
  2. Help in supporting the local economy. The tourism rate has gotten rather less after deforestation and things, so with less people coming they have very less income as well. There are stalls in the local market from which you can buy Baobab souvenirs.
  3. A good thing is that they are planting new Baobab trees in the area. Even though it takes hundreds and thousands of years to become as huge as the ones already present, but it is still a good thing to know.

Baobon Trees in Madagascar


There is no accommodation option at the site, so your options would be to make a trip from Morondava to visit the avenue of the Baobabs.
You have now had enough knowledge about the avenue of the Baobabs, so add it in your list and witness the amazing Baobab trees while you are in Madagascar!!

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