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Story by: Ahmed     Date: 6 June 2020   

5 minutes reading time United Arab Emirates

I have travelled to many places, yet Dubai stays on top of my list. I have lived here most of my life, and it still impresses me every time with its astonishing. This beautiful city is full of fun and exciting places for you to visit. The locals in this city are very nice and respectful especially with foreigners. If you are a visitor for a short period of time, keep in mind that you must not waste time since there are a lot of places waiting for you to explore. One thing you must try is the hot air balloon that will take you high above the clouds in order to enjoy the breathtaking view of the desert and the towers.

In my opinion, This half-day experience is an ideal way to encounter the wild side of the UAE in my. You’ll spot gazelles, camels, and the Arabian Oryx, all meandering in their natural living style. While floating a half-mile or more over the sand, the pilots will carry the untamed life to you by an elating falconry show directly from the balloon’s basket, once you land, you’ll be taken by a luxurious Land Rover to a life-changing breakfast feast. Dubai is known for its high skyscrapers, so you probably want to enjoy the sunset on top of one of them. Personally, I chose the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, which has a total height of 830m. Therefore, It’ll provide you with a spectacular view of the whole city.

Spectacular skyline of Dubai

Since many people like to enjoy the calm beach, including me, I recommend going to Jumierah public beach. The water there has this beautiful color which is greenish-blue, and since the water is incredibly warm in spring and summer ( similar to a warmed pool), you’ll be able to swim freely in clean water. All you need to do is to bring your own towels and a couple of snacks (there is a small store there in case you forgot to get some snacks on your way).

In addition to that, you also have an incredible perspective on Burj al Arab, where you can capture extremely incredible photos, or selfies to Impress your friends wish. After that lovely afternoon at the beach, you’ll regain the energy to visit one of the most beautiful amusement parks. Dubai Parks and Resorts recently unveiled the biggest theme park in the world, with over three billion dollar patchwork that consists of two LEGOLAND® parks, a Bollywood-themed park, an astonishing dining area near the waterside knows as RIVERLANDTM Dubai, and an outstanding movie studio at the MOTIONGATETM park.

Covering a wide range of 702.48 acres, you may need a few days there in order to explore everything. If you were wondering about an easy and cheap way to move around in Dubai, then you must try the Dubai Metro. It is one of the best ways to navigate around the city at a fairly cheap price. A short trip between zones will cost around 6 AED (approximately $2.20). The metro system breaks the town up into zones, and the fares are determined by how many zones you pass between on a given trip. You then pay the best fare upon exiting the metro. A day skip permits you to bypass among all the zones for one flat fee. To use the Metro, buy one of the electronic fare cards, load it with a day bypass or funds, and then easily move around the city as you like.

Dubai metro City view

Coming to one of my favorite places, Dubai mall, is one of those places that you just feel the need to visit. Whether to enjoy the cinema or the restaurants. The mall has a big aquarium, an ice skating rink, every brand shop you may think of, delicious restaurants, boutique shops, and so much more. It is, however, a masterpiece just for its size. You ought to also visit the Dancing Fountains that are placed directly outside the mall next to Burj Khalifa. It is in reality a special experience to be outside in the crowds, observing a fountain “dance” to a track next to the tallest building in the world. Everyone who sees this won’t be anything but enthralled.

If you’re not pleased by visiting the mall and need to experience extra of the tradition, first you got to do is to head to the old city near Dubai Creek, where you’ll find traditional souks to wander at in your free time. The Gold Souk showcases rings and valuable metals, while the Spice Souk offers the sort of spices, herbs, and incenses that encapsulate the popular perception of an Arabian bazaar. Wander via these bazaars to experience the rhythms of local merchants and shoppers. Dubai may be first-class ready to house the rich and powerful, however, that doesn’t imply budget-aware Globetrotters should avoid this booming worldwide center. With some smart planning, and studying of the city’s infrastructure, and a willingness to do as the locals do, you may experience Dubai’s best places without breaking your bank.

The Dubai Mall

One thing you have to keep in mind is that security and safety measures are exceptionally high in Dubai. Ladies could enjoy a walk around 3 am in the night and they would still get home safely without anyone trying to steal or disturb them. Their laws and police forces are just mind-blowing when it comes to protecting the citizens. The crime percentages are extremely low despite the wide range of existing nationalities. I certainly enjoy Dubai, and I recommend everyone to visit it for a great experience.

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