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One of the most famous tourist spots to visit in Turkey is Cappadocia. It is not only a scenic beauty, but it has immensely beautiful cave dwellings, watch-worthy rock formations and the most famous hot air balloons soaring up in the sky at sunrise every morning.

Cappadocia by night


This beautiful region is located in the heart of Turkey in the province of Nevsehir. To get to Nevsehir and Goreme, you can take a bus, book a flight or get a train ticket. From Istanbul and Izmir, it is about 12 hours and from Ankara, it is a 5-hour journey. You can book a flight from your destination as the Turkish Airlines have direct flights to the Gulsehir town in Nevsehir. If you opt for train, then you can get a train from Kayseri to Goreme.

Cappadocia by air


Cappadocia is known for its ethereally unreal sunsets and sunrises. They are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes after the hikes to get to see them. A few must visit places are mentioned below which cannot be missed while you are there.

  • THE RED VALLEY HIKE AND SUNSET POINT: This Red Valley hike is a must visit as the huge sandstones glow vibrantly as the sun and merges into the picturesque beauty of the sky near sunset. Whether you hike or not, chilling at this place and getting a view of sunset will be a mind-blowing experience of Cappadocia.
  • THE ROSE VALLEY HIKE AND SUNSET VIEW: Like the Red Valley hike, this hike from Rose Valley is also a quite unique area. There are sharp ridges that get a tint of pink when the sun is setting painting the whole scene in its color. The formation of this valley is of a sort that there is sun at one side, and it creates shadow on the other side which accentuates the beauty of the valley. The rock formations are also pink hued which adds to the beautiful landscape during sunset. It cannot be missed at all as the most beautiful sunsets can be witnessed from there.
  • THE HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE AT DAWN: The thing Cappadocia is known for the most is flying in the hot air balloon at sunrise. It is now very common travel bucket list item for couples and individuals as well. It passes over the Goreme town with a hundred more hot air balloons in the sky just like the sky full of lanterns in Tangled. Capturing the beauty of this has to be on your Instagram feed. Not to forget that the sky is painted in beautiful colors when it comes to sunrise time. A full experience that will warm up your heart.
  • THE PASABAG VALLEY: Since Cappadocia is full of rocks and caves, the Pasabag valley is also very popular due to the fairy chimneys and amazing cave dwellings. This is definitely worth a visit because of the landscape. The cave dwellings are of a kind in this valley making it look unreal work of nature and art.

Cappadocia Sunrise


Other than the must visit places, there are many other things in Cappadocia that will keep you hooked in there and not disappoint at all.

  • THE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM IN GOREME: One of the most visited tourist sites is the Goreme open-air museum. Turkey is full of history and culture; this museum is a proof of it. You can get an audio tour while watching beautiful paintings, churches and centuries old cave houses.
  • LOVER’S HILL: If you are a couple visiting Cappadocia, we suggest you witness an ever-so-beautiful sunrise at the Lover’s Hill. There is quite a crowd during sunrise and sunset because of the panoramic beauty of this point, but even then, this site is a must visit to capture a picture which is full of love at Lover’s Hill.
  • LAKE TUZ: When we mention the water at this lake is pink, you best believe it IS really pink. The Lake Tuz is the Pink Salt Lake which is incredibly beautiful. It is an hour away from Cappadocia but by looking at the vibrant pink color of the lake, it will be worth it.

Cappadocia Fly


For transportation in Cappadocia, you can rent a bike for your own convenience according to your planned trip. You can also hire a private driver who can show you around for as many days as you stay there. Renting an ATV is also a fun option to explore around the Cappadocia Town.


This location is a summer and winter vacation location with all the beauty present there like a fairytale. Whether it is snow or shine, the sights mesmerize you at every time. The snowcaps on the valleys have another charm and look which is way different than summer but beautiful in both times. You can visit from April to October and from November to February.

Cappadocia Balloons


Turkey is rich in its authentic food. The local dishes are a must try when you are traveling in Cappadocia.

  • MANTI: It is somewhat like a Ravioli with minced meat served with garlic sauce and yoghurt.
  • PASTIRMALI KURU FASULYE: These are white beans mixed with spicy meat.
  • TESTI KEBAP: This local dish is made from meat and vegetables and cooked in a clay pot with bread.
  • LOCAL WINES: The biggest wine-producing regions of Turkey is Cappadocia, so you can indulge some of the best wines.

Beautiful Cappadocia


  • It is best if you plan your trip before reaching Cappadocia. The number of days to get full experience of everything in Cappadocia can range from 4 days to a week. If you go for a day or two, the weather may not allow you to do a few must do things like the hot air balloon ride. So, plan accordingly.
  • Bring your most comfortable shoes as there are many hikes.
  • Stay at a cozy place in different towns.

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