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Story by: Modiegi     Date: 28 October 2020    Image by: Modiegi

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Wanderlust, the feeling: I’ve always experienced the utmost excitement about embarking on any trip. Travelling is just one of the ways I make happiness trend. Whether it is a short drive away or a long plane ride, I’ve always loved life on the go. This mindset has put me back in university, studying International Tourism Management. Additionally, in my free time, I am slowly making my way through parts of Sweden.

I currently study and work part-time in a city called Borlänge. Ever heard of it? Before I landed here, I did not know much about Borlänge, so here is some quick background information: It is a city located in the central part of Sweden, in a county called Dalarna.

Dalarna county is only +/- 2 hours away from the capital city and county, Stockholm. Earlier this month, I set off on a day trip to Stockholm where the most beautiful umbrellas were delicately hanging over one of the city’s major streets, Drottninggatan.

Intrigued by all the social media images I saw while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I decided it was time to get some pictures of my own of the incredible umbrella sky. Decorating this part of the city were tons and tons of umbrellas but the exact number, I am not too sure.

After taking hundreds of pictures and feeling satisfied with our find, we spent the rest of the day walking through places like Gamla Stan, which is the old city. This place is full of history and home to the Noble Prize Museum. The old and unique architecture gives the area a warm and nostalgic feel. Unfortunately, there was a long queue to enter the museum, so we opted not to this time but my advice is, if the Noble Prize sparks your interest, it is advisable to go in at least once in your lifetime. More information about their entry requirements and other important information can be found on their website.

Eventually, it was time for lunch. One of my requests when out of my home city is always to try a food spot that I wouldn’t be able to find where I live. It doesn’t have to be popular or well-known, it just has to be different. This time, the cosy, Phil’s Burger, won and we had a delicious meal while watching on as people continued to walk towards the umbrellas and go about their Saturday routines like walking their dogs and fika.

FIKA, is entrenched in the Swedish culture. It is simply taking the time out of your day to appreciate life with a friend or a colleague with a cup of coffee and/or a treat. Our fika of choice was at a quaint café called, Café Avenyn. It was quiet and warm and just what we needed on a rainy day.

Around 6pm, exhausted but happy after a long day walking in, out and through the city, it was time to make our way back to Borlänge and that’s how one does a trip in and out.

Here are some things to consider for a trip to Stockholm:

  1. Clothing and shoes: Dress for unpredictable weather. In autumn, you can expect sun, rain and anything in between. Comfortable walking shoes will allow you to walk for longer and further.
  2. A plan of action: Map out the places you would love to see and check their websites for opening times and other important information. Also stop for a fika at one of the cafés the city has to offer.
  3. The right attitude: The streets are busy for sure, and you will need the right attitude to navigate them. (NB: Always! Consider the restrictions in place throughout the current pandemic).
  4. Camera: If you’re a photo-lover like me, charge all your batteries to full so you can snap away at every given moment.
  5. Carpe Diem: Simply seize the day and the moments that follow!

Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

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