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A bio of – Raki is a private tour guide based in Sydney Australia conducts day trips in and around Sydney.

Australia is one of the most loved destinations among victors for several reasons. It is one of the most far off countries on earth and has a beauty that is second to none in the world. There are many places to be and visit in Australia and Sydney tops the list with breathtaking country towns, beaches, and national parks. However, all of the places are not within a walking distance. Many places are located within three hours journey from Sydney. Let’s have a sneak peek about Sydney Day Trips.

Day Trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney

Where are these Blue Mountains located?
Grand Canyon is one of the most visited sites and is located at about 100Km West of Sydney. It will take around one and half hour journey for a visitor to reach there. This is the most recommended place for visitors who want to have a quick look at the nature of Australia. It is 664,000 acres large and even locals come to embrace the wilderness of the Grand Canyon.

Blue Mountains Sydney

How to go there?

Traveling by your motor vehicle is recommended if you are planning to visit there with your family. If you are planning to embrace the lives of the locals, we recommend a train ride. Use M4 Motorway if you are traveling in your car. If it is the other way round, you can always get into a train from Sydney.

There are many hidden gems in the Blue Mountains where a foreign traveler couldn’t find out at a go. Thus, it is always a wise decision to contact a travel guide to extract the true essence of the Blue Mountains Day Tours.

What to do there?

The visitors can visit “Three Sisters” an ancient rock formation which is located near Katoomba. Furthermore, you can go for the most popular four combo rides to gain an unforgettable experience. Another worthy trip you can go for is Jenolan Caves, a wonderful cave system in the world and going for a Bushwalk will give you an amazing view of Australia.

Day Trip to the Hunter Valley from Sydney

Where is Hunter Valley?
Hunter Valley is a wonderland for foodies. It is located just 230km away towards the north of Sydney and will take around three hours for you to reach there. Hunter Valley Day Tours offer an amazing food experience especially for the one who craves for a sip of hunter valley signature wine.
Add this famous summer spot in your list of places to watch in Sydney.

Welcome to wine country

How to go there?

You can either go there by car or by public transport. But the most effective method is to travel by car because there are not any direct ways to get there from Sydney. When travelling by car, take the M1 Pacific Motorway. However, it is recommended to get the service of a travel guide to have the maximum experience Hunter Valley Tour.

What to do there?

Hunter Valley is famous for its amazing wine and homemade cheese. They are not the only treasures of hunter valley. Hunter valley chocolate boutiques will also give you a lifelong experience. For foodies, this is a treasure land as it consists of the best restaurant chain in the business. Visit once and dawn in the beauty of nature.

Day Trip to the Port Stephens’s from Sydney

Where is Port Stephens?
Dolphin Capital of Australia is one of the most popular destinations for adventure seekers and is located 200km from Sydney. It takes about two and a half hours for a tourist to go on a Port Stephens day Tours from Sydney. Stephen Port doubles in size compared to Sydney harbour and beautiful just as it is.

How to go there?

The best way to go there is the motor car. If you want to blend in with the local life, the bus is the best way. You can get into an express bus from the central station and take the M1 Motorway to reach there by car. You can always contact a travel agent for guidance because it will be tiring to go there all alone. So, it is wise to book a tour to experience the true beauty of Port Stephen.

What to do there?

Port Stephens is famous for Dolphin watching and Moon shadow vessels are essential for the best experience. Port Stephen also offers adventurous activities like beach dune tours and Signa shipwreck tours and sandboard safaris. Furthermore, you can visit Murray, the oldest wine factory in the region for an amazing experience.

So, make Sydney your next destination as soon as the world raised its head from Covid-19.

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