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Romania is a beautiful country, so many of us didn’t hear about it. Situated on the Eastern side of Europe, with a communist past, Romania can surprise and make people fall in love with what she has to offer. If you ever get here, you will notice the pleasant, friendly people that will make you feel like home and welcomed wherever you go.

The food Romanians eat is often considered heavy by foreigners, but delicious and “to eat again” type. The wine is excellent, and the landscapes are breathtaking, and the women, some say the most beautiful in Europe. Romania has every kind of terrain: high white-peak mountains, golden sand and clear blue sea, rivers, vast plains, incredible plateau, forests, and hills. You can spend your vacation into busy cities where life flows in every corner or in quiet remote places where even the internet is not accessible.

The country is famous for its hospitable people and exciting history. Most of the foreign people only heard about count Dracula or Nadia Comaneci, but there’s a lot more into this subject that people imagine. The country has a fascinating history, and it’s a pity not to dip your toes into it.

Every part of this country has its famous and popular cities, but today we will talk only about five of them. Let’s see what’s there to see and love about them.

Bucharest, Romania

1. Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and has more than 1.8 million inhabitants. The cultural diversity is everywhere. People come here from all over the world looking for better education or a higher paid job. The opportunities are everywhere, and you can see them. Also, this city is filled with historical monuments you can visit and find out about their history. The city has not been this famous initially, but it grew speedy during the last century.

Bucharest has plenty of parks you can get lost in if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Check Parc Herastrau, which comes with an incredibly large lake and many restaurants and cafes on its borders. Parc Cismigiu is exceptionally green, and the air is fresh, you can visit it too. Every park comes with a benefit that others don’t have.

You can go to the cinema and watch the latest movies or go to the theatre if you are into it. Other than that, you can rent bikes or electric scooters to exercise a little. There is a place where the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is ancient and traditional. It’s called the Old Center of the city, and you will love it.

Brasov, Romania

2. Brasov

Let’s change the landscape: this city is from the mountainous part of the country. When you get there, the air is so fresh; sometimes, you have trouble breathing. The town is filled with historical monuments on each square meter. Each building is from another century, and you will love the German air of this incredible city. Each facility’s red roof will create a homogenous view when you get on Tampa mountain with the cable. You won’t understand where the city view ends, and where the surrounding part begins.

The people here are so friendly you will make friends in a minute. At each restaurant, waiters are super friendly and professional. You will love the way they will treat you and want to come back again and again.

In Brasov, the time passes slower than in any other city. You will feel like the day has more than 24 hours. You have plenty of museums to visit, you can take the cable to the top of Tampa mountain to enjoy an incredible view over the entire city, and the coffee here is simply delicious.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

3. Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is a city in the western part of the country famous for its beautiful buildings, world-renowned universities, and national best hospitals. We call it merely “Cluj,” and people here are quieter than the other people. They talk slower, and they are the most optimistic people you will ever meet. They are incredibly polite, educated, friendly, and eager to help you whenever you have a problem.

Iași, Romania

4. Iasi

Iasi is the most beautiful country in the eastern part of the country we call “Moldavia” for centuries. It was the state’s capital some centuries ago, and its beauty is renowned among the whole of Romania. Iasi gave us the best poets and writers in the country. Check on Google names such as Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, Emil Garleanu, Iacob Negruzzi.

You can take a long walk through Copou Park, one of the most famous parks in the country, visit the Mihai Eminescu museum, or go to the theatre in the city center. For religious people, the most crucial church in entire Moldavia is here: Mitropolia Moldovei. You have to visit the nearest monasteries and find out more about the most famous ruler of Moldavia, Stefan The Great. He was a remarkable character that fought the Turkish army for his entire life for Moldavia and the rest of Europe not to become a Turkish Muslim region.

Constanta, Romania

5. Constanta

If you love the seaside, then this is the city for you. You can spend your vacation on the Black Sea’s golden sand and even bathe in the sea in Constanta. People come here from all over the country to visit the Casino, the city’s main attraction, or to go to the seaside in the biggest city port of Romania. People have come here from the nearest countries for centuries. You can meet Greek, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, or Macedonian families that have lived here for centuries and didn’t forget their roots while trying to fit in the Romanian culture and system.

Romania is filled with natural beauties, natural riches, and a high cultural heritage that you must learn more about. Google these cities, and you will fall in love with what you will see. Pack your bags and book a flight right now! Romania is waiting to be discovered and loved!

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