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Story by: Mazin     Date: 5 June 2020   

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Baden-Baden or “The good-good life” as it referred to this lovely place, is the summer capital of Europe in the 19th century with numerous of interesting things to offer and has all what it takes to make it a dreamy town. Get ready to go on an adventure full of magic with eyes wide-open and live an unforgettable life experience while visiting Baden-Baden.

Located southwestern of Germany. The city has attracted travellers for more than 200 years with countless exciting activities. Famous for its ancient thermal spas has made it one of the best cities to visit to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here are the 12 reasons why you should visit this breath-taking destination:

1. Its Ancient Roman Baths
In modern German, Baden is a noun which literally means “Bathing”, Didn’t come from nothing, as the city is well-known for its thermal spas, Baden-Baden quickly became a world-renowned hub for Roman bath culture, its two main thermal spas are the new Caracalla Spa and the historic and old Friedrichsbad, attracting royals and celebrities from around the world to experience its water’s impactful healing effects.

2. Lichtentaler Allee
For more than 350 years, the splendid park and gardens of “Lichtentaler Allee” have been the classic image of this small town on the Oos river, where they were created in 1655 to become an impressive 3.5 km avenue from the Badischer Hof hotel to the Cistercian monastery, is one of the main tourist attractions in Baden-Baden as well as a place for locals to walk around, chill in the summer or even meditate in its wide and green fields and enjoy its fresh air.

3. Casino Baden-Baden
It is the place where the night shines, Casino Baden-Baden is known as the most beautiful casino in the world, featuring jaw-dropping decor that is influenced by French royal palaces. Crystal chandeliers drip from the ceilings, and intricate portraits decorate the walls of each room, which are lined with bright red wallpaper and glittering gold accents.

4. Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
The biggest concert and opera house in Germany located in Baden-Baden, and it offers a schedule full of concerts and performances all year round and it is a must-visit place in the city. This house has offered a truly majestic backdrop for the 71st Bambi awards – Germany’s most important media prize 2019.

5. Museums of Baden-Baden
There is no secret that this city has its own rich history of pure and intriguing art. The streets of Baden-Baden are full of museums and you’ll see some of them clearly as you walk around and some them are hidden and you need to refer to the city guide to know where the rest of the museums are. To get to know the city more, head to Baden-Baden City Museum which is one of the best places to get a glimpse into the city’s story. No museum tour in the city can however be complete without visiting Museum Frieder Burda, which houses about 800 paintings, sketches and sculptures that trace the history of art over the past 100 years. It is also highly recommended to visit the The Fabergé Museum which is the world’s only museum dedicated to one of history’s greatest jewelers Carl Peter Fabergé.

6. Brahms House
Brahms House in Baden-Baden is where the famous musical composer Johannes Brahms spent his summer months between the years of 1865 and 1874. The highlight of this historic house is the Blue Room, a living room left just as it would have been in the composer’s time and where he wrote many of his most famous pieces of classical music, including parts of his first and second symphonies and A German Requiem.

7. Boost your Adrenaline
Baden-Baden also offers so many outdoor activities and sports for those who look for adventure while travelling. There are tons of cycling tracks laid out through the town’s woodlands. There are also countless hiking paths or prepare your gear to go rock climbing and enjoy a panoramic view over the lovely city of Baden-Baden. You think there is something still missing? Do not worry because we will never forget a single detail; take the train to the top of Merkur Mountain and paraglide from there and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

8. Wasserkunstanlage Paradies or Cascade Paradies Baden-Baden
If you ever wanted to see a little piece of heaven, then this is the time to head to this magical place find out for yourself. It is a park combined with a fancy residential area, from the early 1920s, is often identified as being one of the country’s first “beautiful living” projects. The ornamental garden stretches over three streets. It has a central feature of a cascading waterfall, which is supplied by an underground spring. From top to bottom, the waterfall descends an incredible 130 feet. The garden is aligned on both sides by exquisite mansions, which captivate and compensate with their own impressive shrubbery. From here, there is also a wonderful view of the city centre.

9. Castle Hohenbaden
Or the Old Castle as the locals call it today was built in 1102. The Castle offers a panoramic view over the whole city of Baden-Baden and the surrounding countryside, France could be seen from there as well and it is a great place to start hiking around that area. It also has a restaurant there.

10. Geroldsau Waterfall
It is one of the hidden gems of Baden-Baden which is a six-meter-high waterfall. Many artists found inspiration in this place like the painter Gustave Courbet and the composer Johannes Brahms. The waterfall is the starting point for several woodland rambles following well-marked trails. It can be reached by car, cycling, or hiking on foot.

11. Trinkhalle (Pump House)
Since the old Roman times, people were charmed by Baden-Baden and the healing powers of its water. It was built 1839–1842 by Heinrich Hübsch in a complementary architectural style as the spa’s main building. It is located right next to the Casino of Baden-Baden and only a walking distance from the city centre. The 14 mural paintings by artist Jakob Götzenberger, which decorate the 90-meter arcade are showing various scenes of the region, as well as depicting myths and legends in the area.

12. Baden-Baden City Centre
There is nothing better than moving around the city centre after checking out the main attractions in Baden-Baden and get to see quality of life the locals are living in this lovely city and to check out fashion shops, the Wagner Gallery or enjoying a local meal from the Black Forest or drinking a cup of coffee. There are countless cafes, bars, and restaurants all around the city centre.

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