10 ideas to have an amazing stay-at-home vacation

Story by: Katrina     Date: 12 June 2020   

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In these hard days, we all have an exclusive opportunity to share more quality time with our families in the best place — your own home. Even if you can’t travel abroad, it is not the reason to have a crappy holiday. Here are some ideas for you to make your vacation memorable, yet safe and interesting.

Explore your hometown

Maybe it is the right time for you to look at your own home from another perspective? Almost every town or city has museums that explore its history. It is the best time to search for guided tours and field trips in your hometown and the surrounding area.

Marathon your favorite movies

When movie theatres are under the lockdown we offer to have a great time by revisiting your beloved tv shows or movies. Make some popcorn, stock up on soda or even wine, and turn the play button on! What movie theatre can offer you something like that?

Turn your home into an exotic retreat

Bring Italy, Japan, Ireland, or any other place in your home! Plan a whole day of meals from a particular country — watch some educational videos or order a take-out. Find out about traditional activities from your country of interest and include them in your exotic retreat day. If it is possible, you can go to restaurants, museums or other places dedicated to your chosen country.

Home Spa

Homemade SPA experience

Relaxing SPA procedures are an excellent way to take your mind away for a moment. It is fairly simple to create an at-home SPA cabinet and enjoy a magnificent rest.

First of all, pick your SPA room and create the mood — light the scented candles and aromatic sticks, change the linens, and have a warm bubble bath. If you are lucky enough and live with your significant other, perform a massage on each other with fragrant oils.

Refreshed and new after bath and massage do face mask and manicure — it will be a great finish to your spa day. For candles, bath bombs and other needed supplies use local small business makers. It is an incredible opportunity to help small makers to keep their business going.

Wine tasting at home

Arrange a wine-tasting night

Invite your friends to have a fancy wine-tasting dinner. Cut tasty cheeses, bring an interesting assortment of wines, lay some nuts, honey, and french bread on the plate.
This nice evening activity will make you feel as fancy as it possible and can completely change your mind about staycations.

Take a cooking or dance class

We bet you wanted to attend some interesting classes for years. This year is perfect to achieve that! Take a course of Mexican, Ethiopian, or any other cuisine of your choice. It will extend your boundaries and add some spice into your life.

Another good idea is to get yourself and your loved one into dance lessons. It is surely good for your body and soul in the long run.

Crafting and art

Maybe you don’t want to leave your home, right? Then, we advise you to use your free time to reboot yourself with some crafting or art. You can find some inspiring pictures to draw and decorate your home with, or make something from clay, or do the woodwork. Simple knitting can be also enjoyable since you usually do not have time for it. Believe us, changing activities can be very relaxing.

Local Beach

Visit your local beach

Beach day counts as a regular vacation in our book. You will spend a perfect day sunning and playing volleyball on the sandy beach and it is almost as great as going abroad. Get some snacks and drinks and combine the beach day with a sweet picnic — it will be a double pleasure for the price of one.


Do you have an awesome book that you would love to experience in real life? Turn your long-awaited vacation days into the book travel. Find some social clubs that share your love for this book, go to the theatre, or recreate part from the novel in real life.

Help others to fill up your soul

When you are on vacation you can do something more than treating your body — you can respect your soul and start volunteering. Google information about neighborhood actions and volunteering groups that are active in your city and find something you like. Nothing is better that bring more good into the world and it is certainly a great way to spend your vacation.

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