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Sardinia is a popular tourist island in Italy that has a lot of marvelous sites, ancient landmarks, and beautiful nature. Choosing Sardinia for vacation will provide you with a variety of options to pick from. It is the best place to spend your family holiday or dazzling honeymoon with a significant other.

Sardinia Ruins

1. Exploring the ruins

Sardinia has plenty of amazing archeological sites, so you can see there ancient ruins of Roman and Carthaginian cities in a very good condition. The feel of the past and long-lost civilizations are in the air there. Take guided tours to the city of Nora or Tharros and dive into history to the fullest.

2. Diving with dolphins

In the Golfo Aranci, you can explore these amazing animals face to face. Dolphins are very intelligent, interesting and calming animals, so diving with them will be a one of a kind experience.

3. Whale watching

These majestic and highly misunderstood marine animals are so fascinating to look at! In Sardinia, you can dive and swim with these underwater giants and look at their life in the first person. You can book an excursion or hire a guide that will show you the best places for snorkeling and diving with whales in the Mediterranian Sea.

Sandy beach of Sardinia, Italy

4. Go to the beach

Sardinia has one of the best beaches in the world. Warm water and amazing landscapes will turn you into the vacation mood immediately. In Gulf of Orosei sea is very transparent and has that turquoise color we have all been looking for in vacation spots. Costa Smeralda beach attracts tourists with its sandy white, mixed with rocks landscaping. Our personal favorite — Porto Istana with emerald, but very clear water and very fine white sand. It looks like Little Mermaid could live there.

5. Visiting caves

Sardinia has the best caves to explore. It does not matter where you are staying — caves are everywhere there. In Grotta di Janas you can learn legends about fairies that allegedly live there, in Grotte di Nettuno you will get the best views, and in the Grotte del Bue Marino you can take a cool boat trip through the caves.

Castle and city of Castelsardo (Sardinia, Italy)

6. Exploring the castles

There are many grand and old castles in Sardinia for you to attend. In the city of Bosa, you will find several beautiful castles to visit — for example, the Castle of Serravalle was built in medieval times and has 14th-century frescoes. As for other places, Castello di San Michele is surrounded by an astonishing park that is full of green plants and nice paths to have a long walk.

7. Beautiful Arcipelago de la Maddalena

Boat trips are must have excursions to take in places like Sardinia, and the best one is the trip to Maddalena Islands. Mind-blowing landscapes and amazing beaches attract a lot of tourists, but modern travelers will find fine shops and cute restaurants there too.

8. Hiking in the mountains

Landscaping in Sardinia is fantastic and in one day you can go hiking, swim in the ocean, and explore ancient buildings. The beauty of nature in Sardinia is unquestionably best explored when you are going to the mountains and see those big trees, narrow paths, and cute animals.

Restaurant Sardinia

9. Taste the traditional food

Delizioso! Sardinia is famous for its amazing and healthy food. Sea urchins, fresh fish, and homemade pasta are so delicious that you will never want to leave the island. We recommend you to try seafood prepared with local Sardinian saffron — for example, traditional fregola. If you like lasagna, try Zuppa Gallurese, which is a similar dish, but Zuppa has its own Sardinian twist because of mixes of bread used in it. Bottarga is a delicious delicacy, a dried mullet roe, and it is one of the best things to taste in Sardinia. And of course, there is an abundance of kinds of pasta in Sardinia.

10. Watching flamingoes

If you are a bird enthusiast like us, we recommend you to visit unique Molentargius-Saline Regional Park. There are many waterfowl species of birds that come to nest in this park. But, most importantly, plenty of flamingoes — thousands and thousands of them live there. It is a spectacular show to see them in their natural habitat.

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