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Story by: Khaled Ahmed     Date: 20 July 2020    Image by: Unsplash | Spencer Davis

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Egypt is characterized by the abundance of tourist attractions of all kinds, the proliferation of mosques, temples, museums, monuments, historical and artistic buildings and vast parks on its territory, and has a strong infrastructure based on serving the tourism sector in Egypt, including hotel rooms, tourist resorts, and aviation offices.

So if you’re determined to travel to Egypt, here’s a short tour where we can get to know the best places to visit Egypt and you should visit at least one of them.

Egypt Piramids

1. Giza Pyramids and Sphinx

The Pyramids of Giza are defying the centuries, these gigantic tombs, built quite 4,500 years ago by three great pharaohs (Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure) of the 4th Dynasty, have long been objects of wonder, speculation, and mystery, but it absolutely was not until the archaeological discoveries of the 19th century that a real picture of their fascinating history began to emerge.

The celebrated Great Pyramid of Khufu, or Cheops, is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing.

The Three pyramids are guarded by the Sphinx which is mythical creature that has a human’s head and a lion’s body. In Ancient Egypt, the sphinx is believed to guard and protect the Pharaohs so it comes as no surprise that you will see its giant statue near a pyramid, a Pharaoh’s burial place.

Egyptian Museum

2. The Egyptian Museum

It’s situated in Downtown Cairo overlooks the Tahrir square and it’s one of the world’s largest and most famous museums. The museum was opened in its current location during the reign of Khedive Abbas Helmi II in 1902, after the museum’s monuments were moved more than once by several sites until they ended up in the current building.

The museum consists of two main floors, the first floor contains heavy monuments of coffins, paintings, and statues displayed according to the historical sequence, while the upper floor contains various archaeological collections, the most important of which are the collection of King Tutankhamun, the treasures of Tanis, as well as two halls of royal mummies. The most important artifacts displayed at the museum are King Narmarpalette, the statue of King Khafre, the mask of King Tutankhamun, and a large number of royal treasures.

3. Al-Mu’izz Street

Al-Mu’izz Street is the largest open museum of Islamic antiquities in the world because it contains great Islamic buildings. And al-Mu’izz’s Street is located in al-Azhar district in the central Cairo district. It dates back to the Fatimid period. The most recommended activities to do in Al-Mu’izz is visiting Al- Azhar mosque, then cross the road to Al Hussein Mosque, after that walk to Khan El Khalili, it was a major market in the Islamic period. You can also visit Qalawun Complex, and El-hakim Mosque.

Abu Simbel Temples

4. Abu Simbel Temples

One of The Most Important Attractions in Egypt and Aswan are Abu Simbel Temples (The Great Temple – The Small Temple). They were built by a great pharaoh king Ramesses II and totally cut into a solid rock cliff.

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel is dedicated to Ramses II himself, which began construction in 1244 B.C and lasted about 20 years. The entrance to the Great Temple is surrounded by four huge 20-meter-long statues, representing Ramses II sitting on the throne, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. The temple axe is aligned in a way that the sun rays twice a year on February 22nd and October 22nd, penetrates through inner halls till the sanctuary and illuminate the sculptures on the back wall, except for the statue of Ptah, a god who always remained in the dark.

The Small Temple of Abu Simbel is considered one of the most great and wonderful temple in ancient Egypt. It’s dedicated to queen Nefertari who appeared in the temple as a goddess like Ramesses himself in his great temple. The imposing façade cut into rock with 28 meter long and 12 high and consists of six colossal statues of the king and queen. If the great temple of Abu Simbel wasn’t built this would be the greatest temple in Aswan.

Karnak and Luxor Temples

5. Karnak and Luxor temples

Luxor city is one of the largest, richest and best-known archaeological sites in the world. Because the ancient Egyptian kings had built a great temples like Karnak temple of god Amun Re which considered the most largest temple all over the world, constructed over 60 acres, this large space due to the various additions were added from the middle kingdom period to the Greek – Roman period. But unfortunately many of Karnak’s monuments are poorly preserved.

The Luxor temple situated in the heart of Luxor city and connected to the Karnak temple via the Avenue of the Sphinxes. The temple was dedicated to the Theban Triade Amun, Mut, and Khonsu.

Valley of the Kings

6. Deir El-Bahari and Valley of the Kings

They are located on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor city; Deir El-Bahari temple of Queen Hatshepsut was a memorial temple to commemorate all the activities of the queen era. It has a unique design which seem different from other kingdom temples because Senenmut the architect of the temple was influenced by the 11th dynasty temple of Mentohotep II.

Valley of the Kings also called the Great Noble Necropolis of Millions of Years of Pharaohs. It was the burial place of Egypt’s New Kingdom rulers, it’s about 62 tombs and 20 unfinished pits have been found there. The three recommended tombs to visit are the tombs of Ramses IV (KV2), Merenptah (KV8), and Rameses IX (KV6).

Siwa Oasis

7. Siwa Oasis

The Oasis of Siwa is located in the Western Desert, about 300 km from the Mediterranean coast to the southwest of Marsa Matrouh. It’s famous for therapy tourism, like El Dakrror Mountain, the hot springs which use to treat rheumatism.

8. White Desert

The white desert which located in Al- Farafra oasis was announced as a protected area in 2002. It’s of high biodiversity value as it contains many distinct plant species of the desert ecosystem such as acacia, palm trees and olives. The common activities in the white desert are Sandboarding, Mountain riding and camping.

Saint Catherine, Egypt

9. Saint Catherine

It’s situated about 230 km south of Sharm El-sheikh city, and was announced as a reserve in 1988. It has the highest mountains in Egypt (saint Catherine Mountain 2642m high – Moses Mountain 2285m high) also it houses the mausoleum of Prophet Haroun and the monastery of Saint Catherine which built by emperor Jistian in 6th century. At night you can hike Moses Mountain and enjoy watching the sunrise but be careful the weather is so cold.

10. Diving sites in Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the best known diving destinations in the world. There are hundreds of places to dive in the Red Sea in Egypt the most famous sites are: – (The Blue Hall in Dahab – Ras Mohammed reserve – Jackson reefs in Straits of Tiran – giftun island Hurghada – Dolphin House Hurghada – SS Carnatic – Abu Dabbab at Marsa Alam).

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