10 Best Islands in the world

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Oh, island living. Isn`t it sound heavenly? Almost every traveler imagines beaches and warm sea when he or she thinking about summer vacations. We want to help you to choose the ultimate place to visit next year, so check our list of the best islands in the world and the reasons why you will like them.

klingking beach, bali, indonesia


Bali is a desirable travel destination that gained its popularity for a good reason. This island combines 5-star services and SPA amenities with astonishing nature and beach relaxation. Undoubtedly, Bali is one of the most Instagramable places on earth. We assure you, once you will see white sandy beaches and turquoise water, photoshoot ideas will immediately appear.

Mallorca, Spain


This Spanish island in the Mediterranian Sea offers the best experience of authentic seaside living for every tourist who visits it. At Mallorca, you will fully dive into the beautiful culture of Spain, including its delicious foods and drinks. Mallorca is the place where everybody can find a resort on its budget — from luxurious apartments to sweet and budget-friendly hostels. About the beaches. More than 200 white sandy beaches with perfect water to swim in welcome tourists on Mallorca all year round.

Palawan, Philippines


This island is a part of the Philippines and one of the most underestimated, in our opinion. There is a glorious abundance of various activities available on Palawan. Snorkeling, diving, visiting national parks, boating in the lagoons, and the list goes on.
Palawan has astonishing beaches for lazy rest and beautiful caves for brave adventures. This island can offer you as many options to spend a great holiday as one can imagine.

Crete, Greece


The ancient island of Crete is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. Minoan civilization left a big number of architecture sites that have a huge significance for all humankind and must be visited at least once. Being a part of Greece, Crete has a great food culture, so visiting this island must be one of your top priorities if you are the big foodie.

Capri, Italy


Did you know that Capri became a popular resort in the time of Ancient Rome? Yes, it is one of the oldest vacation spots on our planet. Here you will find a lot of remains of the Roman Empire, visit countless caves, travel on a boat to look around the island, and try the best Italian food in the world. Capri is perfect for history lovers because of all the sites, and beautiful ruins that will not disappoint you.

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia


Turtles and sharks! Bora-bora is a true tropical paradise that provides you with everything you expect from it (sweet fruit cocktails, exceptionally fresh seafood, and turquoise sea) and beyond. This place is significant because of its cute marine citizens — fish, sharks, and turtles. You can feed them, you can pet them, and you can watch them in their astonishing natural habitat. Yes, if you are a snorkeling or diving enthusiast, you must visit Bora-Bora as soon as possible.

Santorini, Greece


Being the part of the remnant of a volcanic caldera, Santorini has a very diverse nature. Here you can find all the symbols of Greece — olive groves, white buildings with blue roofs, and an extensive range of wine. Santorini is a popular tourist destination for the youth, so in Fira (the capital of Santorini), you can enjoy great nightlife and maybe even find your true love. Love island indeed.

Kauai, United States


Hawaiian island Kauaʻi attracts tourists by its wonderful and very diverse nature. Green and wild-looking, this island kept its beauty raw and uninhabited. At least it looks like this. Here you will explore waterfalls, canyons, beaches, and mountains that are so stunning that they look like the part of the Garden of Eden on the Earth. This island was a set for movies like “King-Kong,” “Avatar,” and “Jurassic Park.”

Maui, Hawaii


Maui is a picturesque island suitable for all age groups. There are many activities you will enjoy on Maui during your visit. We advise you to take a lot of guided tours to explore volcanic fields and crater Haleakala. Do not miss a chance to visit Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, to see the beautiful wildlife of the island. And of course, do not forget about delicious Hawaiian cuisine — it is fantastic on Maui.

Hvar, Croatia


Croatian island Hvar has a comfortable mild climate and marvelous landscapes. This place is perfect for calm and steady family vacations. Beautiful lavender fields are one of the highlights of the Hvar, and you`ll be able to buy a lot of souvenirs with this flower.
Hvar is famous for its mouth-watering authentic cuisine and tasty wines. Do not miss a chance to taste buzara, fritule, or another delicious Croatian food on Hvar. Visiting local vineyards is your must-have too!

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